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A Resident Evil series is in development at Netflix

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Quite often, you would expect that the more we get of something, the less exciting it becomes. After all, we always talk about wanting new stories to watch and new game properties to play. The reality though is that we hate disappointment and so tend to stick with what we know. Just take a look at video games and how almost every single year Call of Duty is the best-selling game, despite the fact that it’s still the same game, built on a similar engine that everyone complains about.

The same can possibly be said of Resident Evil, which as a game has perhaps never enjoyed that same level of blockbuster success or consistency between its many iterations, but has a new version coming out (today!) and people are still immensely excited to play it.

So given all this excitement around the release of the new Resident Evil 2, it’s perhaps a good time to celebrate it with some entertainment news around the game as well. As a report from Deadline has revealed that Netflix is working on a Resident Evil series of its own.

Following the completion of the movie series which starred Milla Jovovich as Alice in what turned out to be a very successful $1.2 Billion franchise, it was always rumoured that a potential reboot of the series was in order. Considering the success that the rebooted video game has had, I guess there was definitely an opportunity for it. However it appears that the reboot they had in mind was not for the big screen, but rather the small screen. A format which may actually suit the franchise as it will allow it to focus on more characters in the universe and hopefully afford more time in telling its story, rather than rushing through it at break neck speed.

The Resident Evil franchise made its name as an incredible survival horror game that kept you at the edge of your seat as you salvaged every bullet to try and stay alive in its post-apocalyptic zombie world. The movies however, took more of a gung-ho approach where bullets were no longer treasured, but rather spent and the essentially descended into full-on action. A formula that probably made it more appealing to cinema-goers, but not necessarily fans of the games.

We don’t have too many details yet of what to expect from this Netflix series or even if it will try and return to its horror roots, as Netflix is still looking for a showrunner for the project. Hopefully though, especially given Netflix’s willingness to tell dark stories, we will get a final product that will be closer to the games’ original horror settings.

Last Updated: January 25, 2019

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