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A sequel to Transformers: The Last Knight is still in development

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After Bumblebee breathed some refreshing life back into the Transformers franchise, it appeared things were finally on the right track with Paramount and Hasbro taking its success as a queue to reboot things all over again so that we could forget the last few cinematic travesties and pretend that those movies never happened.

A recent comment by producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura to Cinema suggests we may stay still need to relive those horrors as along with a Bumblebee movie in the works, there is another film set in  “the main family series following the events of Transformers: The Last Knight” that is also in development right now.

Now considering that Bumblebee is supposed to be rebooting the Transformers timeline, it seems a little silly to continue with anything else in the franchise, especially after how bad The Last Knight ended up being. The Transformers movies have never taken cinematic continuity and plot coherence seriously and so trying to throw a continuation of The Last Knight and a completely new storyline at audiences would not exactly be out of place for the franchise.

Still, it is a little silly and you can only imagine that even if they do something within that timeline to complete the last dangling plot threads they had left (that Earth contains Unicron) you simply can’t imagine the same human actors or Michael Bay himself wanting to return for it. So, even then it would be almost like a soft reboot of sorts, which would make the whole idea a little pointless.

I personally hope that Di Bonaventura is not really serious here and that the only Transformers movie we will see is a continuation along the lines that Bumblebee put us on. Or perhaps I’m putting too much faith in Paramount and Di Bonaventura after they’ve proven before that simply slapping any stupid story together and putting big bright CGI robot battles inside of it is enough for box office success. And that’s all they want at the end of the day.

Last Updated: March 18, 2019

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