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Aaron Eckhart will keep the action real-time in LIVE!

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No, Aaron Eckhart won’t live again in an I, Frankenstein sequel (thankfully, because we reviewed it here). Instead he’s going to star in an indie action movie called Live! that has an unusual hook in its description – no, not the silly use of an exclamation point, apparently the movie is going to be shot in real-time.

It’s the brain child of first-time directors Darrin Prescott and Wade Allen, better known for their stunt coordination and second unit (action) direction on movies such as Drive and John Wick. Let it not be said the action wasn’t very well handled in those movies, so if this movie is essentially one long action shoot it certainly plays to their strengths.

The movie (as per Geek Tyrant) is set to follow…

…disgraced cop, Kyle Penny [Eckhart], on his hunt to rescue Police Commissioner Volk’s kidnapped daughter, trapped somewhere in the city with only 80 minutes to live.  A deranged killer on his heels, Penny’s only hope is teaming with Ava Brooks, an ambitious young online reporter who films the wild chase live

So if it’s shot in real-time and she only has 80 minutes to live I’m guessing it’s a short movie? The script’s been written by the relatively-unknown Jeremy Drysdale (Grand Theft Parsons, ‘Battlefield 2’ video games), so for a fairly inexperienced team it’s quite a coup to have someone like Aaron Eckhart headlining the project. That and the unique take have piqued my interest, and it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out.

Live!, which will hopefully get a much better title than that closer to the time, is due for release later next year.

Last Updated: June 26, 2015

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