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Amanda Peet prepares to steal some identities

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While Amanda Peet is wowing audiences in her new romantic comedy series Bent, that doesn’t mean that she isn’t up for some more exposure on the silver screen.

The actress has just been cast alongside Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy for the upcoming Identity Theft, which will be a follow-up to last years Horrible Bosses.

Originally a more straight forward film, Identity Theft was then retooled once McCarthy was cast, after Jason Bateman adored her recent turn in the bridal comedy Bridesmaids.

It’s uncertain yet what her role in the film will be, but this isn’t her first time working alongside Bateman, as she starred alongside him previously in The Ex.

If one had to guess, the latest film that Peet will be in will follow her usual formula of starring in easy, then dramatic films. Her previous movie had her play a more serious role in the second X-files film, so place your bets that this role will be far more light-hearted.

Shooting starts in the US summer, with a script by Steve Conrad and Craig Mazin.

Last Updated: April 2, 2012

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