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Amazon teaming with Seth Rogen and David F. Sandberg to adapt Fear Agent into a new series

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Comic book adaptations remain a hot property for studios. With Amazon finding success with their recent The Boys adaptation, it looks like they are keen for more. Word is that the streaming service is looking to adapt the Image Comics title Fear Agent into a new TV series with Seth Rogen and Shazam! director David F. Sandberg on board to put the project together.

Fear Agent is a sci-fi comic book series written by Rick Remender and illustrated by Tony Moore and Jerome Opena that first debuted in 2005. It’s about an alcoholic Texas spaceman named Heathrow Huston who forms part of a task force that fights alien threats. The comics were highly acclaimed when they were first released and even drew the attention of studios as far back as 2009 when Universal Pictures wanted to adapt them into a movie. Those plans never quite came together then, but with comic books a wider drawcard than ever and with the premise of a more expansive TV series arguably a better fit, this could be an exciting prospect for Amazon Studios.

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed the news of the project with the studio reportedly beating out HBO Max, Peacock, and TNT to secure the rights to the comic books. According to the report the studio intends to maintain the offbeat humour found in the comics, as revealed in the following logline from them:

Interstellar invaders. Time travel. Clones of clones of clones, and lots of whiskey. Whether he’s battling the scourge of space, going back in time to stop the alien invasion that changed earth forever, or winning his ex-wife back, there’s nothing that Heath Huston won’t do to try to right the wrongs and gets his family back. He is, after all, the last Fear Agent.

For Remender, this marks the second adaptation of his comics with Deadly Class also recently adapted by Sony. That series didn’t find much success though so hopefully this time we will have abetter take of his original vision.

Last Updated: January 23, 2020

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