Assassin’s Creed IV is 20 hours long; half of it at sea

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On a recent press preview trip, I got to sit down with Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag’s game Director Ashraf Ismail to chat a little about the game. One of the things he divulged was that the core experience of the game, the meat, as it were, would run your 20 hours; without taking any of the peripheral stuff in to account.

In the same interview, he also told us that roughly half the game will be spent at sea, or aboard the Jackdaw, Captain Edward Kenway’s own pirate ship, which serves as the game’s secondary main character.

A few things. You may have noticed that yes, once again there’s a bit of an issue with the sound. I’m happy to report that this should be the very, very last time one of your videos will have bad sound, as we finally have out very own microphone.

You may also notice that the interview seems to…well…just end. That, unfortunately, is a result from a technical glitch that destroyed the rest of it. In it, I asked Ash about the differences between the current and next-gen versions. He told me that they’re mostly just aesthetic differences, helping create a more tangible world where every bit of foliage has its own physics, the dynamic weather system has better physics; y’know – stuff that just pulls you further in to the world.

I also asked if he felt the current generation of consoles held them back creatively, to which he replied in the negative. they’ve managed to do everything they set out to do, with the core experience very much the same between both generations.

I also asked him, quite matter of frankly, why anybody should buy his game; and enthused with some rather visible passion, he told me that it’s the most complete and realistic pirate game made to date, and on top of that, the most complete Assassin’s Creed game yet.

I believe him.

As a side note, regarding the beard. Yeah, that was totally to get in to character for the pirate thing. A black beard. Yes. And not because you guys called me a lady dwarf the last time I appeared on camera and hurt my feelings. Definitely not that.

On that note, here’s the game’s latest trailer.

Last Updated: October 1, 2013

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