Bad Ass trailer is out. I weep for Hollywood.

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Dear Hollywood bigwigs, people have been accusing you guys of running out of ideas. This is not helping your cause.

If that opening 10 seconds seems familiar to anybody, it’s because the film has taken it’s inspiration from THIS video (Warning: Some NSFW language). Yes, that’s right.Uggs Black Friday Deals Somebody got enough money to make a movie about a Youtube video showing a guy getting his butt whipped. And then got Danny Trejo to star in it.

I am already counting down the days till some no-talent Hollywood exec comes to the realization that millions of people play Farmville, therefore somebody should make a  movie about it. Oh wait, THAT’S ALREADY HAPPENING!

Face, meet palm.Ugg Cyber Monday

Last Updated: December 29, 2011

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