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BATMAN V SUPERMAN trailer breakdown – The red capes are coming!

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Kervyn had kicked open my door, sending it flying past my huge head and through Nick’s sternum in the room next door. Ranting, raving and speaking in a strange tongue, I had the feeling that maybe something was up.


But wait…I’d seen this before. The symptoms were all there. His new fashionable red cape. The S-curl in his hair. The note on his Superman T-shirt that read “I’VE JUST SEEN THE NEW BATMAN V SUPERMAN TRAILER AVOID ME AT ALL COSTS PS PLEASE PICK UP MILK AND EGGS”.

Clearly, Kervyn had been subjected to too much of the San Diego Comic Con. A good person would have helped go cold turkey on the overdose and treat him to a marathon of old MacGuyver episodes in order to wean him off the various blockbusters that had been announced and leaked.

Fortunately, I’m not such a person, and got to work analyzing the new trailer instead. And here! We! Go!

Batman V Superman (1)

Superman, you got some splainin’ to do! Here’s the first look at Holly Hunter’s character in Batman V Superman, a senator who may be in Luthor’s pocket. She’s clearly leading the charge here to hold Superman responsible after the devastating battle of Metropolis.

Batman V Superman (2)

And the people aren’t too happy with the Man of Steel, as he descends down into the USA capitol to answer for his actions in his first flick.

Batman V Superman (3)

Note the various placards here, further driving home the alienation factor of Superman.

Batman V Superman (4)

Pout of Steel.

Batman V Superman (5)

If you ever watched the original Superman movies, you might remember the fourth film (You might want to see a doctor about that), where Superman triumphantly strides into the United Nations to announce his plan to rid the world of nuclear missiles.

Batman V Superman (6)

This scene of course, will be nothing like that, when Superman is asked to take responsibility for P-klapping an entire central business district in his fight with General Zod.

Batman V Superman (7)

And here’s the money-shot that brings Batman back into action. It’s from a very specific scene in Man of Steel, where Zod began unleashing his heat vision in the final fight, bringing an entire building down on the two Kryptonians in the resulting scuffle. It also really drives home just how destructive this actual battle was, as Ben Affleck looks on in horror.

Batman V Superman (8)

Strong 9/11 imagery here, with Bat-Fleck running into the destruction to possibly whoever it was that he was on the phone with. Another interesting fact here that director Zack Snyder revealed at Comic-Con, is that Metropolis and Gotham City happen to be twin cities in this movie, with only a bay dividing the two. Which gives Bat-Fleck plenty of reason for being in Metropolis, in the first place.

Batman V Superman (9)

Superman 1, General Zod 0, young girl -2 parents I’d presume.

Batman V Superman (10)

Wayne Manor has definitely seen better days, as it looks like the once majestic estate has fallen into some serious disrepair since Batman had hung up his cape.

Batman V Superman (11)

But hey, a least the Bat-Cave is still looking good! Check out that sleek and shiny secret vigilante bunker. It even has stairs!

Batman V Superman (13)

If I didn’t know better, I’d swear that I was looking at a Rocky montage as I watch Bat-Fleck get into shape to take on Superman, coming out of retirement with the sole purpose to eliminate the Man of Steel.

Batman V Superman (26)

Check it! A Robin suit, preserved for posterity as Bat-Fleck reflects on the mistakes of the past, a constant reminder of perhaps his greatest failure.

Batman V Superman (27)

There is of course, only one character who could be responsible for murdering a Robin, and that’s be Jared Leto’s Joker who has left the rather grim message on that costume. Originally seen in the Death In The Family comic, the series had Robin die from way too many crowbar smacks to the head, with a side dish of explosion once the Joker had finished with Robin.


Batman V Superman (12)

Somebody isn’t happy with Bruce Wayne, having mailed him the following piece of emotional incentive to get back into shape. My money is on Lex Luthor, who may know more than he is letting on.

Batman V Superman (14)

Alfred Pennyworth! Here’s Jeremy Irons as the latest incarnation of Batman’s most trusted ally, who happens to be an expert at patching up the caped crusader and dishing out sage advice when necessary.

Batman V Superman (15)

Director Zack Snyder loves mirroring specific scenes from the comics, and it looks like Batman V Superman will be filled with plenty of nods to the classic 1980s comic book series that redefined Batman, The Dark Knight Returns. Starting with this cop car.

Batman V Superman (16)

And two cops who should be used to having to clean up after Batman by now.

Batman V Superman (17)

I don’t know who this criminal is, but I am certain that he happens to be wishing that he had stayed in school.

Batman V Superman (18)

Because this Batman isn’t just content to knock your teeth out, he wants to leave an actual mark on you. Ouch.

Batman V Superman (19)

Man Of Steel was very much a Superman movie, in the way that the Clark Kent barely featured in it. But with this sequel, we can finally see Superman’s alter ego blend into the populace, as the infamous and mild-mannered reporter who happens to be getting some flack from his editor Perry White in this scene.

“Nobody cares about Clark Kent taking on the Batman”. That’s some foreshadowing that’s thicker than frozen Bovril.

Batman V Superman (20)

And now it’s decision time. Superman and Lois Lane clearly have something going on, with this romantic half encoruaging him to be a true hero…

Batman V Superman (21)

…And his mom being a tad bit nihilistic. She’s probably still pissed off that the insurance company refused to cover damage to the house, because of that stupid act of Zod clause in the contract.

Batman V Superman (22)

Finally, Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor makes an appearance! Young, super-rich, intelligent and with a head of hair that would make Fabio jealous. And with all the money in the world, he certainly can afford to buy a few politicians.

Batman V Superman (23)

Plus he has style. Fashion style. Suck it Bruce Wayne.

Batman V Superman (24)

Here’s Tao Okamoto as Luthor’s number two, Mercy Graves. What does she happen to be escorting in that massive box?

Batman V Superman (25)

OH MY ZOD! With Zod’s corpse under US Military control, you can bet that Luthor and his team are going to science up some kind of monster. The current fan theory being that they activate the Doomsday gene in Zod’s DNA and unleash a Superman-killer.

Batman V Superman (28)

Gal Gadot makes a great Diana Prince in this scene, and she certainly has bulked up a bit since she was cast.

Batman V Superman (29)

I don’t care how many times I see this scene, Batman turning on the Bat-signal to call out Superman is the very definition of badass.

Batman V Superman (30)

I have no idea what is happening here, except that ocean = Aquaman appearance. Probably.

Batman V Superman (31)

What’s a Batman movie without a Batman origin? Plus in Zack Synder’s films, the Comedian is apparently Thomas Wayne! OH SNAP.

Batman V Superman (32)

Gal Gadot has me sold on Wonder Woman already. Here’s an Amazon who wields enough power to give Superman a run for his money.

Batman V Superman (33)

And magic bracelets which can apaprently block bullets with Hiroshima-level explosions.

Batman V Superman (34)

Batman, the Middle East and Superman-branded soldiers duking it out. Who knows exactly what is going on in this scene, so guess away.

Batman V Superman (35)

Digging the Lexcorp symbol.

Batman V Superman (36)

Much like a Batman movie with dead parents, you’ve just got to have some Kryptonite when dealing with Superman. And Luthor apparently has a massive chunk of it, sitting around.

Batman V Superman (37)

I don’t think I can get enough of Wonder Woman, who is every bit a warrior with that sword and shield, as she is a princess. Xena would be proud.

Batman V Superman (38)

Oh man, that’s pure fan service right there, a nod to the classic Dark Knight Returns symbol of Batman leaping back into action on a stormy night. Love it.

Batman V Superman (39)

And in a scene where the two icons will first meet, Superman decides to total the Batmobile. Forget about lost loved ones in the battle of Metropolis, this is the moment when Batman most likely decides that he is going to f*** Superman up. You don’t ever mess with Batman’s car!

Last Updated: July 13, 2015


  1. young girl -2 parents. BWHAHAHAHAHA. Sis, D.


    • RinceThis

      July 13, 2015 at 12:57

      Of course you liked that, you heartless thug!


  2. Unavengedavo

    July 13, 2015 at 09:33

    I watched the trailer a couple of times now. Is it just me or does Superman actually look different as his alter ego Clark Kent? O_o

    The glasses end messed up hair seems to make his face look wider O_o


  3. Lardus-Resident Perve

    July 13, 2015 at 11:13

    I am looking forward to this Super Power Beat Down! Those Dark Knight Returns animated movies are AWESOME SAUCE!


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