Benjamin Walker has a great wall to climb

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Ed “Love and other Drugs” Zwick hasn’t been behind the camera for a while, but that’s all set to change soon. Zwick has been prepping his latest film, and has managed to score Superman himself in a leading role, but now, Henry Cavill will be sharing the spotlight, as Benjamin “Honest vampire slayer” Walker has also signed on, for The Great Wall.Now that Walker and Cavill are on board for the project, more details have finally surfaced. The duo will find themselves as part of a 15th century group of British warriors, who find themselves in China, right as the Great Wall is being built.

But they’re not just going to be fending off some of those damn Mongolians, but some other terrors as well, as the wall itself is needed to keep out some supernatural beasties.

Zhang Ziyi is also being considered for the film, with the start date being pushed from a Northern Hemisphere Autumn to Spring instead, partly because of better filming conditions in New Zealand and China around that time.

Superman and Abe Lincoln battling nightmare fuel monsters in Asia on top of a massive wall? Take my money now!

Last Updated: June 11, 2012

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