BEWARE THE BATMAN in this brand new sizzle reel

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Beware the batman (2)

Marvel and Disney may have a sizable lead on the box office when it comes heroes in tights, but when it comes to smaller screens, Warner Bros and DC Comics rule that nest like a Cybernetic rooster on 1980s steroids. Cartoons such as the early 1990s Batman, Superman and Static Shock helped cement their popularity, before they kicked things up a notch with a Justice League series that would put the Avengers to shame. And of course, the cancelled too soon Young Justice.

Batman has always had the premium treatment when it came to animated series though. A new version pops up every couple of years, and after the fantastic retro team up series known as The Brave and the Bold, the caped crusader is shifting tones once again for Beware the Batman.

A new CGI series with higher production values than Green Lantern, Beware the Batman has a younger Batman facing unfamiliar foes such as Anarky, Professor Pyg and Mockingbird for the first time, aided by his trusty butler Alfred and the mysterious Katana. It’s swinging into Gotham July 13.

Last Updated: June 20, 2013

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