Boy Scouts versus Zombies? Cohen is on it!

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Alright, enough of vampires and werewolves, we need to get the shambling dead back into the spotlight. One way to do such a thing is to cast the iconic movie monsters in films that follow different directions, and what could be better than by pitting them against a troop of boy scouts?

Announced back in 2010 already, Boy scouts versus Zombies has been sitting in development hell for a while now, but that might all change soon, as Thunder co-writer Etan Cohen is now signed up to direct the film.

As the obvious title so adequately points out, Boy scouts versus Zombies pits a troop of badge-lusting kids against a horde of the undead, as they find themselves using their survival skills to avoid becoming a lunch time snack, while trying to save a small town in the process.

An original script was written by Carrie Evans and Emi Mochizuki back in 2010, which attracted Race to Witch Mountain director Andy Fickman, but he’ll be stepping back and assuming production responsibilities instead.

Cohen is still busy hammering out work on Revenge of the jocks, Madagascar 3 and the Incredible Mr Limpet, so it might be a while before filming gets under way, but this is one zombie film that will have me rooting for the villains when it eventually arrives.

Last Updated: March 7, 2012

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