Brie Larson talks Captain Marvel and introducing feminine complexity to the role

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Marvel’s recent superhero flicks have run a wide gauntlet of varying heroes so far: Thief with a heart of gold and incredible shrinking powers, Led Zeppelin powered Thunder God flung across space and Tony Stark 2.0 wizard surgeon to name a few. Marvel’s next big film, however? That’s Captain Marvel, a superhero adventure featuring something that the cinematic division of the house of ideas has never tried before: Giving the lead role to a woman.

Marvel’s got one ace up their sleeve for the flick before that side of the internet gets its fedoras in a twist: Brie Larson. She’ll be suiting up for the role in 2019 as the cosmic-powered military hero, a performance which attracted her based on the complexity of the job set before her. As Larson explained to Collider:

‘It’s not so easy as just saying, oh, that’s a girl in an action movie; that’s a superhero and she’s tough and she’s just like a dude.’

Aside from the fact that it’s iconic to be part of this, to be playing the first female [lead] in a solo [Marvel] movie, I think for me personally one of the things I’m excited about is the idea of female complexity. That’s what I’ve wanted to bring to every genre and every film that I’ve done. How can we come to understand the mystique of being female?

And I think with Free Fire, for example, what excites me is to say, ‘It’s not so easy as just saying, oh, that’s a girl in an action movie; that’s a superhero and she’s tough and she’s just like a dude.’ That’s too easy. That’s not where we’re at actually. I think women are far more complicated and more interesting than just saying, ‘They’re like a dude, and that’s what makes them tough and that’s what makes them cool.’

That’s just not how it works, so to me it’s this idea of doing this film on this larger scale with really incredible, smart people behind it, with women behind it, that gives you an hour and a half, two hours to sit and see how different a woman can be. That seems cool to me, right?

Larson may have hit the nail on the head with the “tough woman” comment, not that there’s anything wrong with that role in Hollywood. I think it just doesn’t have to be the default option for these kinds of flicks either. They may be on different teams, but Wonder Woman will be carrying that torch next May when the Amazon princess of power hits the big screen with her own touch of femininity.

Last Updated: April 18, 2017

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