Bruce Campbell is going to tell you why you should go see the EVIL DEAD remake

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The Evil Dead is a sacred film, in the movie industry. Low budget, crazy, cheesy and revered by fans all across the world. So you can imagine just how many of them have been gnashing their teeth in impotent rage and fury, over the decision to reboot the franchise.

But the upcoming remake of the cult classic, might actually be…a good thing. Don’t believe me? Then sit down, calm down and look up, cos big daddy Bruce Campbell has a few encouraging words for you, oh jaded fans.

Directed by Fede Alvarez, the Evil Dead remake is currently scheduled for an April 2013 release, and has the support of original star Bruce Campbell, as well as original director Sam Raimi.

In fact, they’re also helping to produce it. Whether it’s for q uick payday, or a genuine love is uncertain right now, but according to early reports, this might be the Evil Dead film that fans have been wanting Hollywood to make all along.

We’ll just have to see for ourselves then, next year. But from the way Campbell describes the film, I’m a quite keen to go see it now.


Last Updated: October 23, 2012

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