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Celebrate some wickedness in this international trailer for BYZANTIUM

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Celebrate some wickedness in this international trailer for BYZANTIUM 2

Neil Jordan knows about sucking. No, not like that (and definitely not like that, you perverts!). I mean that as the director behind one of the most well known and well loved of the modern tales of the nosferatu, Interview With A Vampire, Jordan has certainly established himself as a man who knows vampires.

And while he hasn’t made another vampiric movie since the 1995 smash hit, now that The Twilight Saga has finally wrapped up and the popularity of vampiric stories is at an all time high, what better time to return to a tale of the creatures of the night?

Let’s hope it doesn’t suck.

Two mysterious women seek refuge in a run-down coastal resort. Clara (Gemma Arterton) meets lonely Noel, who provides shelter in his deserted guesthouse, Byzantium. Schoolgirl Eleanor befriends Frank and tells him their lethal secret. They were born 200 years ago and survive on human blood. As knowledge of their secret spreads, their past catches up on them with deathly consequence.

Despite having his career get off to a bit of a rocky start, Jordan (The Crying Game, Michael Collins, The Brave One) has been producing solid work for pretty much his entire career. Nothing has had quite the impact of his Oscar winning The Crying Game, (1 hour 12 minutes and 37 seconds into this movie, is one of the few times where men are allowed to cry at a movie, and not a single other man will judge him) or the pop culture significance of Interview (having a trinity of pretty boys in Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Antonio Banderas probably didn’t hurt), and quite frankly, I don’t Byzantium will be changing that any time soon.

I do like the young cast though, and if Jordan and screenwriter Moira Buffini (adapting her own stage play for the screen) can keep it out of schmaltzy tweeny romance areas, it could be a decent enough diversion from the usual sparkling in the sun, choosing between bestiality and necrophilia nonsense that all the kids are into these days.

Byzantium doesn’t have a full international release date yet, but will be out later this year.

Last Updated: February 4, 2013

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