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For three decades, the biggest robot at the box office has been an Austrian with an amusing accent and deadly one-liners. Terminator has been around for longer than most of us have been alive, and it may indeed be time for a change. Sort of. Or at least a film that doesn’t piss on Terminator 2: Judgement Day’s ending. Terminator Genisys is apparently trying to save that franchise. In a manner that I just don’t understand at all.


So what is Terminator: Genisys? A reboot? A remake? A pre-sequel? According to jai Courtney, it’s more of a reset as the film takes place in both 2029 and 1984, with EW (via The Playlist) shedding more detail on the plot:

Sarah Connor isn’t the innocent she was when Linda Hamilton first sported feathered hair and acid-washed jeans in the role. Nor is she Hamilton’s steely zero body-fat warrior in 1991’s T2. Rather, the mother of humanity’s messiah was orphaned by a Terminator at age 9. Since then, she’s been raised by (brace yourself) Schwarzenegger’s Terminator—an older T-800 she calls “Pops”—who is programmed to guard rather than to kill. As a result, Sarah is a highly trained antisocial recluse who’s great with a sniper rifle but not so skilled at the nuances of human emotion.

Daddy T-800? Well, um…okay then. That was certainly unexpected. But not as unexpected as the idea to make Genisys the first of several new Terminator movies according to the synopsis:

The beginning of Terminator: Genisys, the first of three planned films that Paramount hopes will relaunch the beloved sci-fi franchise, is set in 2029, when the Future War is raging and a group of human rebels has the evil artificial-intelligence system Skynet on the ropes. John Connor (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ Jason Clarke) is the leader of the resistance, and Kyle Reese (Divergent‘s Jai Courtney) is his loyal soldier, raised in the ruins of post apocalyptic California. As in the original film, Connor sends Reese back to 1984 to save Connor’s mother, Sarah (Game of Thrones‘ Emilia Clarke), from a Terminator programmed to kill her so that she won’t ever give birth to John. But what Reese finds on the other side is nothing like he expected.

Which includes really terrible character fashion by the looks of things. Bad news for you, but great news for anyone doing cosplay on a budget:

Terminator Genesys (2)

Terminator Genesys (1)

Right now, the Doctor is wondering why he chose a paintball gun instead of a sonic screwdriver. Of course, this could just be terrible design on the part of EW and the PR representing the film. I most certainly hope so, because I’m not feeling any level of excitement for the film the way it looks at the moment. Unless it includes a scene with the older Terminator model telling Sarah to be bhack home in time for dinnah.

Last Updated: October 30, 2014

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