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Chloe Moretz talks about how Carrie will be more 'Black Swan' in nature

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Hey, it’s Monday, so that means that it’s time to read more about reboots! As previously reported, Stephen King’s infamous tale of pyschokinetic girl gone wild, Carrie, is well on the way to being realised again, with Chloe Moretz taking the lead role in what may be the ultimate anti-bullying film ever made.

And she wants to go completely mental in it.

Speaking to Coming Soon, Moretz talked about how director Kimberly “Boys don’t cry” Pierce happened to be “a total genius and the right woman for the job.”

Moretz also spoke about their version of Carrie wanted to distance itself from the Brian De Palma 1976 version, for a film  that would be “darker and more psychological; more Black Swan.”

“We’re really looking into Carrie’s mind and into the relationship between Carrie and [her mother] Margaret. Carrie’s completely different from me, it’s an out-of-body thing; I’m becoming a totally different person for it.

I’m letting go of all my self-esteem issues and just going into it. You have to.

You know what, I’m not actually too peturbed by this remake. It’s shaping up nicely, and looks to be spinning off in its own, unique direction, without feeling soulless or cheap.

Although only time will tell if the great ideas mentioned, actually make it into the final cut.

Last Updated: April 30, 2012

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