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Christian Slater joins NYMPHOMANIAC

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For a man who really pushes his actors into uncomfortable and awkward roles in his films, director Lars Von Trier certainly isn’t facing a shortage of famous names when he starts a new project.

Nymphomaniac is his latest one, and he already has Shia LaBeouf and Stellan Skarsgard on board, alongside newcomer, Christian Slater.

Slater joins the ensemble cast, alongside Charlotte Gainsbourg, the 50 year old self-diagnosed nymphomaniac around who the film is centered on, as she recounts her numerous encounters and sexual exploits over eight flashback chapters. Slater will be playing her father, when Gainsbourg was young.

“Lars is a complete gentleman. It’s great to be on a set with someone who has such a loyal and talented team,” Slater said to THR.

The majority of his crew are people he has worked with over the past twenty years. They love him and I understand why. It’s lovely as an actor to get opportunities a few times in your career to work on a truly special project with a director and leader who really understands his material and is able to convey what he wants so concisely.

Right now, Von Trier is working on the film, which isn’t shying away from using actual sex scenes. He’ll be releasing the movie in soft and hard-core formats, catchy guitar riffs, not included.


Last Updated: September 13, 2012

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  1. What, like, BOOBS in a movie? Has Hillary heard about this yet?


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