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Clive Barker's NIGHTBREED is headed to TV

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Clive Barker has done a ton of movies throughout his career, but Nightbreed has to be one of his craziest projects ever released. Monsters, serial killers and demons all collided in this cult classic 1990 film, with the lead villain played by none other than David Cronenberg himself. Since then, attempts have been made to reboot Nightbreed, with most efforts falling flat. But it looks like the big screen was the wrong direction to go in, as Nightbreed may live again on TV.

Night Breed

Barker has been attempting to revive Nightbreed for years now, but it looks like his reboot has finally made it out of development hell. Speaking to Empire Magazine, show producer Michael Plumides revealed that 4 episodes under the supervision of Barker had already been written:

We’ve been actively developing the Nightbreed TV series at Morgan Creek with Clive Barker for two years. We hope the newly restored Director’s Cut will help us illustrate how wildly popular the series could be to potential buyers. I recently penned four episodes including the pilot, with material all approved by Clive and Mark Miller at Seraphim Films. We have also been developing new Nightbreed creature concepts and I’ve been collaborating with Tate Steinsiek (SyFy’s Face Off) for some months now, to create all-new designs for old characters and a few new ones, as well. We think the fans will be very pleased – by staying true to the source material but also modernizing the concepts, we hope Nightbreed will appeal to this millennium’s viewer.

TV might just be the perfect sanctuary for this show. With new TV series such as Penny Dreadful and Hemlock Grove taking off, there’s more than enough room for a fantasy horror show such as this to exist. And with a director’s cut DVD on the way for October 28, it’s a great time to be a Clive Barker fan. If you never saw the original flick, here’s the very weird trailer for you to check out.

Last Updated: July 4, 2014

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