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Is Colin Firth back for KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE?

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Well, it seems the Kingsman have solved another murder mystery – Harry Hart did not die after all…

We’ve been hearing increasingly more about the next Kingsman movie as details continue to come out of its development. We have already heard quite a lot about its potential plot, villain and also some of the films locations – however we have also disappointly heard that the star of the first film, Colin Firth will not be returning for the sequel as it well instead focus on the next generation of Kingsman agents. That makes sense, seeing as Firth’s Hart did take a point-blank bullet to the brain.

Well all that may be about to change as 20th Century Fox have released a poster that seems to that the the character is actually alive and well and likely will be making an appearance in the next film. Towards the end of the first film, his character’s fate was left in the balance – with you thinking that he could possibly be dead, but you never really knew for sure. This new poster pretty much confirms that there is still a lot more to tell for the character and Firth’s appearance. Its uncertain at this point in time how he will feature in the new film, but there is no doubt he was the star of the first film and having him reprise his role should at least be another memorable one.


And its pretty confirmed by this next tweet from Hollywood Reporter’s Borys Kit:

The next film, Kingsman: The Golden Circle is set to begin filming in the next few months and is set to open in theatre on June 16 next year. The film is set to star Taron Egerton, Julianne Moore, Halle Berry and Mark Strong and now Firth as well. Are you excited for the next Kingsman film yet?

Last Updated: April 8, 2016

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