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Colin Trevorrow addresses Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’s spoiler-filled trailers

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It’s basically our job to tell you guys about new movie trailers to watch. Occasionally though, we have to tell you guys which movie trailers to not watch, thanks to them being nothing but huge chunks of spoilers as studio marketing teams think that showing the entire movie in a preview is what audiences want (Well, to be fair, some studies have actually shown that this is exactly what audiences want, but it’s not what I want so I reject this reality and adhere to my own!). The most recent and most egregious example of this would have to be the final trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom which played out not so much as a preview of the movie, but a condensed Reader’s Digest version of the entire thing, right down to second act twists, finale reveals and even Jeff Goldblum’s closing lines of dialogue! If you’ve not seen the movie yet and think you won’t get around to it, then feel free to take two-and-a-half minutes out of your day and essentially watch it in its entirety below.

If you haven’t yet picked up from my tone, I was really unhappy about how much plot and action this trailer gave away. Know who else was unhappy? Colin Trevorrow, the writer/producer of Fallen Kingdom and the man who directed its predecessor and will be returning behind the camera to wrap up the trilogy with Jurassic World 3. Trevorrow spoke to i09 about it, and revealed that while he understands the marketing needs, “It was very frustrating for me”.

That’s a relationship that we have with marketing [and] there are a lot of different needs. I try to be very lucid and rational about it, [but] to speak frankly, there is a very, very small percentage of people who watch all the trailers. The rest of the world might only see one.”

The filmmaker continued, explaining that one of the reasons why the marketing may have chosen to use some revelatory shots from the film’s final closing moments – which gives away its entire big twist – was to “entice people to come back” as the Jurassic franchise is “constantly asked to prove the validity of its own existence with every movie that we make.”

Which, actually, is great. It stops us from resting on our laurels or just assuming the audience is going to show up. The downside is it feels like marketing is constantly feeling the need to make the case. I would definitely have preferred those images not be seen, but, if you haven’t watched the trailers, just go see the film.

And it appears that is exactly what people are doing, as Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is currently sitting on over $700 million worldwide at the box office after just 17 days and well on its way to $1 billion. Now whether that is due to people actually seeing that spoiler-filled trailer and then wanting to go watch the movie is up for debate.

Last Updated: June 27, 2018


  1. For the people who would prefer to see plot reveals in their trailers, it would not ruin their day if there weren’t any. Can’t say the same about people who prefer spoiler free teasers.


  2. For the Emperor!

    June 27, 2018 at 15:28

    Some movies, reveals in trailers do not matter too much. Others, it really can ruin the movie experience if you know the 3rd act before goings into the theater. Looking at you, Doomsday in the first trailer for BvS!


    • Gr8_Balls_o_Fire

      June 27, 2018 at 15:36

      That should have been the poster boy for how not to make trailers.


  3. Gr8_Balls_o_Fire

    June 27, 2018 at 15:38

    Don’t lose sight of the fact that these are blockbuster monster action movies. Plot reveals and character development are not a priority. You go in to watch dinosaurs cause havoc, that’s it. And that’s fun to watch.

    Same goes for Transformers. Its just fun to watch giant robots destroy everything in glorious IMAX.

    Stellar plots and characters are those found in those stuffy Oscar movies.


  4. GooseZA

    June 28, 2018 at 09:31

    I hate unexpected spoilers in trailers. They did the same thing with Terminator Genysis (or however you spell it) – although maybe they were trying to be cute and have a throw back to T2 which also spoiled the twist in its trailer.


    That said, I’ll watch this Jurassic World and the next one at home if it comes to Netflix eventually.


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