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Come and play with the doll in this new trailer for THE BOY

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I don’t know what is up with all the trailer for horrors lately. We just wrote about the release of many trailers when we announced the new trailer for the horror/thriller The Invitation and now we are back with another trailer of a horror movie called The Boy. It’s not even Friday the 13th or Halloween, why is the internet intent on trying to creep us out. And yes, if you are having the feeling of deja-vu, there was actually a similarly named title released last year, which also happened to be a horror movie. That film was pretty decent, though I’m not sure this one will shape up to be any good.

As horror trailers go, this is creepy, but not to the level we have seen in some of the other films and seems to be offering a more generic horror fare from what we used to. I’ve previous mentioned my dislike for jump scares and this looks like it may be littered with them. The cinematography looks typically moody, but I’m not sure this will offer anything different. The premise of the film is as follows:

In the film, Greta (Lauren Cohan, The Walking Dead), a young American woman looking to escape a troubled past, takes a job in a small England village as a nanny for a wealthy couple’s 8-year-old son while they take a long vacation. She arrives at the remote manor to discover that things are not quite right. The surprisingly elderly Mr. & Mrs. Heelshire have a list of strict rules for her to follow in caring for their son Brahms, and they mysteriously warn Greta that not following them precisely could result in something terrible. But, the most disturbing realization of all is that Brahms is not an actual 8-year-old boy….he’s a life-sized porcelain doll, whom the doting parents care for and deeply love, just like a real boy.

Seriously, once you see dolls in movies you should know its bad news. If I was her, I would’ve walked out straight away and moved on. The house is creepy to begin with, in the middle of a forest and she will be left on her own. That has ‘stay well away’ written all over it.

“If you love him,” Greta is sternly instructed, “He will love you back.”

Isolated and alone, Greta notices that every time she breaks a rule, something strange happens in the house, and the doll reappears in different places and positions than where she put him. Compelled to uncover the mystery behind Brahms, Greta enlists the help of the local grocery delivery man named Malcom (Rupert Evans), the only human being she sees for weeks, who shares horrifying details about the Heelshire family’s disturbing past, leading Greta to realize that she wasn’t just hired – she was chosen.

Yip, this is pretty standard fare for your typical horror movie. I’m sure it will find an audience with people that can’t get enough of these types of horror movies, but I’ve just seen too many to get excited about it. Though I do like horror movies, so will probably watch it any way – when it comes out on DVD.


Written by Stacey Menear, The Boy is being produced by Lakeshore Entertainment and is directed by William Brent Dell (The Devil Inside). STX Entertainment will distribute the movie, which came out in the U.S, this past Friday, January 22. It will probably be released in South Africa later this year.

Otherwise, if you want something scarier, you could always watch the South African Cricket team play today and experience another batting collapse. Now that is truly horrifying.

Last Updated: January 25, 2016

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  1. Unavengedavo

    January 25, 2016 at 15:32

    The problem with Horror movie trailers is that they put all the best scares in the trailer. The Conjuring had a really well done trailer and didn’t give away any of the proper scares


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