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Could this be our first look at GODZILLA?

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A Godzilla film should be easy to make, when you think about. That ol’ Kaiju is king of the monsters, a destructive force of nature that would eat Jaeger mechs for breakfast and then nuclear blast their occupants into orbit. Back in 1997, Godzilla got Americanised.

And he looked downright fugly. So damn off the mark was the final concept for Godzilla in that film, that the Japanese recreated him a couple of years later, and had their Godzilla stomp a mud-hole in its ass. A new film is on the way though. And this Godzilla is looking far more faithful to the original creature. And pretty damn lethal.

Update: Warner Bros unleashed their Kaiju lawyers on us and told us to take down the image. So I used my elite art skills to draw a much better version of ol’ Gojirra for you. Update ends.

Over at the licensing expo at the Grand Hyatt in Sao Paulo, Brazil, a picture was snapped of a certain iconic monster by Kaijucast:


That’s pretty much Godzilla right there. And it looks very, very close to the original. But with the necessary updates of course. The one thing that they’ve kept, and that does intrigue me, are the eyes. Those eyes can pretty much help sell a character to audiences. After all, look how well it worked for the prawns in District 9. Which makes me wonder if the film will have Godzilla being more than just a force that happens be more destructive than Kervyn after eating beans.

The film is currently in production, with Gareth Edwards directing. It’ll be stomping through your city next year May 16.

Last Updated: September 11, 2013

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  1. Thought I was trolled, but then I read the update. Sigh*

    Guess I’ll have to wait for official press shots.

    Nice drawing skills Darryn. MS Paint level 9000.


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