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Dakota Fanning and Jesse Eisenberg replacing Rooney Mara and Paul Dano to make some NIGHT MOVES

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Rooney Mara and Paul Dano are two of the fastest rising and most talented young stars in Hollywood right now, which is why I was really excited by the news that they were teaming up with just as talented indie filmmaker Kelly Reichardt for her new eco-terrorist thriller, Night Moves.

But Variety is now reporting that Mara and Dano will be giving up their possible roles to a young scream queen and that guy who made Facebook.

Dakota Fanning and Jesse Eisenberg will now be joining existing cast member Peter Sarsgaard as an eco-terrorist trio intent on blowing up a major dam. Saarsgard would play the brains behind the plot, Eisenberg would be the ringleader while Fanning would play the pretty, rich girl who is bankrolling the entire endeavour.

While it would have been great to see Dano reunited with his Meek’s Cutoff director, having Eisenberg replace him is certainly an interesting choice. While he is undoubtedly talented, the Oscar nominated Social Network star seems to always be getting typecast as the awkward, socially stunted, straight man. As an eco-terrorist ringleader, he’d probably have to show off a charming magnetism that we haven’t really seen from him thus far. Fanning’s role though, should be a cakewalk for the young actress, whose recent career has seen her flip-flopping between blockbuster fare like Twilight (gotta pay the bills) and more intimate indie dramas. I’m just disappointed to not see more of Mara (not like that, you pervs!) as I definitely find her the more interesting actress, more willing to break the mold for a role.

There’s no mention in the article as to why this switch occurred, which is especially strange since Dano was still attached to it no less than 5 months ago. And while Mara had never officially declared herself attached to the project, she had never turned it down either. I’m guessing that having no less than 6 different projects in production in the next 2 years, may have had something to do with her not committing to this film.

Last Updated: August 14, 2012

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