DAREDEVIL's season 2 trailer hasn't told you everything

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Daredevil s2 combined poster

I am so happy that I have taken next week off. It’s the Easter Holidays, a time when some get together for some reason or other, not for me. It will be Daredevil holidays and after watching this last trailer for season 2, I may have to binge on it a few times. So far we’ve only been given a few brief glimpses of Daredevil’s lover Electra but in this, well, you get a few more glimpses that are all rather haaaat. No Trevor, not in the burning candle sense! We also get to see a lot more of the Hand in all its ninja awesomeness as well as Stick, Max Murdoc’s mentor, flashing his katana about. I think we are in for some of the best fight scenes since Oldboy and that’s saying a lot. Okay okay, I’ll stop building up the hype, watch for yourself!

There are enough BVVVVVV! BVVVVVs in there to keep a high-school orchestra happy for a month of Sundays. I loved the gritty nature of the first season and Jessica Jones built on that big time, but adding in the Punisher (what about that scene of him in white covered in blood?!) as well as an army of ninjas is going to make Daredevil grittier than a quarry of gravel! And the lovely thing about this is it’s out on the 18th in all its 13 episode glory straight away! Batman VS, what’s his name? Reviews so far have been positive and I am sure one of our crew will put together an opinion on the matter once they have calmed themselves down!

Last Updated: March 16, 2016

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