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DC FanDome: Young Justice season 4 is named after my favourite Ben Affleck movie

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Young Justice was one of the best animated series on TV for a while…and then it wasn’t. Debuting an entire decade ago, DC’s latest series was laser-focused on its younger cast of heroes, giving them time to shine in surprisingly mature stories that still had a ton of energy woven into each episode. Two fantastic seasons were rolled out, and then the show was killed off in its prime for any number of reasons.

Flash forward a few years, and after some intense lobbying by fan efforts and behind the scenes wheeling and dealing, Young Justice was finally back in action. 2019’s series was focused on a new team, the Outsiders of the DC Universe whose shared ostracisation allowed them to form a tight-knit bond as a team.

Ending on a cliffhanger, Young Justice: Outsiders will continue its story in a new dedicated season by the name of Young Justice: Phantoms. Which is probably a reference to that movie that Ben Affleck was the bomb in…yo. Announced at DC Fandome, Young Justice: Phantoms will…actually that’s pretty much all that was confirmed. Nothing on release date, any other story details or if we’ll finally see a Lobo road trip where the main man goes around killing his clones. And don’t even get me started about that season finale which teased that the Legion of Superheroes may be making an appearance.

But something cool to bridge the gap is on the way! An audio drama performed by the main Young Justice cast will fill in the void between seasons, serving as a prologue to Phantoms . According to the panel, the team will throws a farewell party for Superboy and Miss Martian, while former Green Arrow sidekick Roy Harper finds himself dealing with the Suicide Squad.

You can watch the panel right here.

Last Updated: September 14, 2020

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