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DEADPOOL starts filming in March

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The Deadpool movie is finally, finally happening. Years of false starts, scripts, development and trying to erase the memory of X-Men Origins: Wolverine have finally come together to give the merc with a mouth the big screen debut that he so richly deserves. Of course, even saying just that is an invitation for disaster. But the Deadpool movie has one other thing going for it: A proper date to start shooting scenes and taking names.


Starring Ryan Reynolds as a sociopathic assassin with the face of roadkill pizza, a superb healing factor that enables him to bounce back from any injury and a heart of memetic gold, Deadpool will begin filming this March in Vancouver, Canada. It’s a risky property for FOX, but after Disney and Marvel struck it big with Guardians Of The Galaxy last year, anything is possible with the right cast and crew.

Per Global News, Deadpool’s filming location also happens to be the home town of Reynolds, as well as the headquarters to a number of a previous X-Men productions. Visual Effects veteran Tim Miller will direct the film, which currently has a release date of February 2, 2016 pencilled in.

Deadpool will also be an official part of the X-Men universe, so it looks like my dream of seeing Hugh Jackman stab Ryan Reynolds might finally come true. I hope.

Last Updated: January 20, 2015

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