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Denzel Washinton and Robert Zemeckis take FLIGHT in this first trailer!

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Wow, you guys have to see this. Aside from a few facial quirks, this is easily the best motion captured CGI animation that we’ve ev- Oh, wait. That really is Denzel Washington. …Awkward.

It’s taken 12 years but Robert Zemeckis has finally shaken off his mo-cap animation phase and he looks to be back doing what he does best: Directing great movies with talented real live people. Flight seems be another one of those.

If that image of the plane flying upside down doesn’t give you a pause for thought, then I don’t know what will. While John (Real Steel) Gatins’ screenplay may have seemed a bit thin at first glance, it looks like Zemeckis could turn this into an interesting human drama. Denzel Washington, Don Cheadle, John Goodman and Bruce Greenwood all seem to be bringing their A-game, and if Zemeckis can reignite some of that spark that he buried down in the uncanny valley over the last 12 years, then we could have a winner on our hands here.


“Flight” tells the redemption story of “Whip” (Washington), a commercial airline pilot who pulls off a heroic feat of flying in a damaged plane, saving 98 lives on a flight carrying 106 people. While the world begs to embrace him as a true American Hero, the everyman struggles with this label as he is forced to hold up to the scrutiny of an investigation that brings into question his behavior the night before the doomed flight. 

As an aside, am I the only that feels that if they should ever make a movie about a young Robert Mugabe, that Denzel Washington would be a shoe-in for the part?

Last Updated: June 7, 2012

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