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Dev Patel is here in this trailer for LION

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Now, when I saw the title of this movie, I was hoping it was expecting a movie about ferocious cats or rugby players, but it turns out its about a man who goes back to India in search of his family… So, not sure exactly why it is called Lion and this new trailer isn’t giving us any clues, but it still looks like a captivating movie nonetheless.

Lion is based on a true story, about a five-year-old Indian boy who, after the wrong train takes him thousands of miles away from home and family, survives many challenges an ends up being adopted by an Australian couple. Twenty-five years later, armed with only the scantest of clues, he learns of a new technology called Google Earth, and sets out to find his lost family.

It sounds like one of those inspirational movies that audiences love and is a reminder of how powerful technology of today is. That you can use things like Google earth to identify points in your memory is incredible and gives me hope that one day, we can finally use technology for even more noble purposes – like making me a hover board. Curse you, Back to the Future for messing with my dreams ever since.

Now, what really stands out for me with this trailer is just how far Dev Patel has come from his big acting debut in Slumdog Millionaire to now. Since that Oscar winning movie, he hasn’t acted in anything particularly noteworthy, but he does a great job here pulling off an Australian accent and showing his emotional range.

And speaking of Slumdog Millionaire, some aspects of this story and the way it’s told do remind us of that movie and just how brutal the life of a poor family can be in India. I don’t expect this to be as brutal as that film, but it does look like it is going to turn on the waterworks, so make sure you prepare in advance for this one. And if you have no soul like Nick, bring onions to at least make your partner think that you are crying.

Lion is due for release in US theaters on November 25, coming to South Africa a little later on. The film is directed by Garth Davis from a script by Luke Davies, and stars Rooney Mara, David Wenham, and Nicole Kidman, alongside Patel.

Last Updated: August 26, 2016

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