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Die Hard 5 finds its villains

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John McClane has faced a lot of enemies in his day. Hans Gruber stole his shoes and gave him the worst Christmas party ever. Colonel Stuart somehow  made airlines even worse, while giving Yippie Kiyay a whole new context.

Then Jeremy Irons came along and reignited ze Cherman/Gruber feud with McClane, while Thomas Gabriel did something, perhaps nasty, with terrorism cyber-hackery skills, who the hell knows!?

A good day to Die Hard is currently is busy prepping to shoot the fifth tale of John McClane having an extraordinarily bad day, with Willis back in his signature role, joined by Jai Courtney as McClane Jr.

But as for villains? It looks like McClane is going to face the euro-zone might of Sebastion Koch and Yulia Snigir.

Koch and Snigir have joined the cast as the principal villains, but details into what it is exactly that the duo will be doing that threatens ‘Merica and has McClane involved is unclear at this point.

Koch is a German actor of renown in his homeland, while Snigir happens to be making her international debut in Die Hard 5, after having acted extensively in the Russian movie scene.

A German actor cast as a villain in Die Hard 5? Methinks that a third Gruber sibling is totally not happy with McClane for killing off his other brothers.

Die Hard 5 releases next year, on Valentines day.

Last Updated: April 5, 2012

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