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Director Chris McQuarrie talks MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 5; trailer, title, tone and more

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Here’s what we know for sure about Mission: Impossible 5: Chris McQuarrie (Jack Reacher) is directing from a script by Drew Pearce (Iron Man 3) and Tom Cruise will be back as globetrotting superspy Ethan Hunt to do some new ballsy stunt, and he will be joined by some franchise familiar faces. Oh and the movie is coming out 5 months earlier than initially planned, because apparently – despite what life teaches us so often – we can actually get nice things.

Other than that, we’ve just heard rumours and hearsay, which can sort of be expected on a movie about international espionage. But on the weekend, McQuarrie broke the silence a bit as he took to Twitter (via ScreenCrush) to answer all sorts of questions in a Q&A. While the director avoided spoiling any plot details, among his answers were the revelations that we would be getting the movie’s full title and trailer “very soon”. He also revealed that Sean Harris (The Borgias, Prometheus) has been cast as the movie’s main villain, while Mission: Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol‘s Paula Patton and Mission: Impossible 3‘s Maggie Q were offered roles but would both not be returning due to their unavailability. Characters that are returning, like Jeremy Renner’s Agent and Simon Pegg’s Benji, would be getting more screen time though, with Benji getting “his hands plenty dirty” in the field now. McQuarrie also addressed the recent rumours that that movie’s ending had to be rewritten and reshot, saying that that was not the case, but rather that they were still in the prep phase and were “shooting it now”.


One of the great things about the M:I franchise, which has helped to keep it so fresh over the years, is that each director who has tackled one of the movies thus far have added their own spin on things – from Brian De Palma’s techno-thriller original to Brad Bird’s globe-hopping blockbuster action adventure in M:I4 – and McQuarrie will be no different. He says that he’s going for something more “old school” complete with a “retro” musical score, and saying that they “were aiming for Ghost Protocol” in terms of the movie’s levels of humour and fun “but Mission has a life of its own and goes where it wants. ”

Seeing as how Ghost Protocol is considered by many to be the best in the franchise, and is the highest grossing move in the series as well as Tom Cruise’s highest earner of all time, copying some of what made that movie work may not be such a bad idea at all. I must admit though that I’m rather intrigued at how McQuarrie – who is known for being very CG-averse, and prefers things a bit more grungy than flashy – will mesh his directing style with the level of techno-wizardry that audiences have come to expect from the series. If he nails that old-school spy tone though, it could make for an incredible movie.

Mission: Impossible 5 is scheduled for release on July 31, 2015.




Last Updated: March 10, 2015

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