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Disney wants to take a wild ride with Mr Toad

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Disney certainly does love turing their theme park attractions into fodder for the cinema. While most of us have enjoyed at least three out of four films based on The Pirates of The Caribbean, other properties such as Eddie Murphy in The Haunted Mansion have been less successful.

But it seems that the house of mouse isn’t done with adapting their theme park rides yet, as they’ve just announced that Mr Toads Wild Ride is getting the silver screen treatment.

The ride itself is still a fixture at Disneyland, and has been, since 1955. Based on the classic Wind in the Willows book, that was adapted into a 1949 film, which starred the reckless and public menace of Mr Toad and his anthropomorphic friends.

Tron Legacy producer Justin Springer is currently in charge of the project, which will apparently be a blend of CGI and live-action, alongside music and advert director Pee Candeland. Writers are currently being called upon to pitch concepts as well.

Although personally, nothing is going to top a certain, more pythonesque, take on that beloved franchise for me.

Last Updated: April 18, 2012

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