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Doctor Who holiday special gets a release date and the return of Captain Jack!

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Captain Jack is back! I mean, sure, The Doctor and her companions are also coming back for the upcoming Doctor Who holiday special, it’s Jack freaking Harkness, people! Arguably the greatest character in the entire modern Who-dom, John Barrowman’s immortal pansexual galaxy-hopping rabble-rouser has not been properly seen in Doctor Who in a decade. He had a brief cameo in the most recent series, but as the first trailer for Revolution of the Daleks, the upcoming Doctor Who holiday special, seems to hint, he’ll be playing a major role this time around.

In fact, the trailer is actually very light on Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor who appears to be locked up somewhere as the rest of the “fam” (yeah I’m still not feeling that) has to battle a brand new form of Dalek unleashed from the hellish depths of… Downing Street?

Wait a minute, either showrunner Chris Chibnall has a very short memory, or something else is going on here. Didn’t we already see this storyline of the UK government trying to use of Daleks as a military unit back in WWII only for it to backfire? And wasn’t there also the tiny issue of Daleks invading the Earth a bunch of times during more recent years, trying to enslave the human race? Seems like Chibnall is using “maximum extermination” some Doctor Who continuity!

While there may be an in-story explanation for all of this, at first glance Chibnall’s approach here is definitely not going to win over those fans who have already been very critical of his run. The most recent season already ended on a very polarizing whammy regarding the identity of the Timeless Child (which I won’t spoil here in case people are still catching up), so this holiday special has some heavy lifting to do. It also looks like the show will thankfully be continuing the trend of giving the super-talented Whittaker something to do other than run around winded and spout gobbledygook all excitedly. Whittaker is an amazing dramatic actor who deserves more consistently good stories than Chibnall has given her in his tenure thus far.

And now we now know when we will get to see if Whittaker is getting a better story as the trailer above reveals that for only the fourth time in fifteen-year modern era run, the Doctor Who holiday special will be airing on New Years Day instead of Christmas. So yes, 2021 will be kicking off with a big bang (whether good or bad, we’ll have to see) when the Doctor AND CAPTAIN JACK HARKNESS return in The Revolution of the Daleks.

Last Updated: November 30, 2020

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  1. lol, not even Captain Jack can save this flaming garbage fire…

    I’m still confident that a competent showrunner will be able to undo the damage that Chipnall has done, but for now, my life remains Who-free. Hopefully, it’ll still exist later this decade.


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