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Domino: Battle of the Bones trailer features a Snoop Dogg history lesson

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We’ve gotten many great movies about sports and tabletop games over the years, from American football to chess and even poker. And these make sense because there is something remarkable about the human competitive spirit when high stakes are on the line. Despite the popularity of the genre, there has never been a movie that focuses on possibly the greatest game of them all – Dominos.

Of course, I’m kidding, but that is what this new satirical comedy wants you to believe as it takes a look at the dangerous world of high-stakes underground domino tournaments. And to convince us that the whole idea of dominoes tournaments is a thing, the producers have even recruited Snoop Dogg to tell us that it was his great-great-great-great-grandfather that originally stole the game from China and brought it to the US. And if you can believe Snoop; you can believe anything:

A fallen domino champion from Compton enlists his savant, white, step-grandson to help him win an off-the-wall and shady as hell tournament in the hopes of reclaiming his former hood glory.

The film looks completely crazy. Not just because of its outrageous premise, but because its ridiculous and exaggerated characters as well. It also looks like it could end up bring a lot of fun, poking a lot of fun at the craziness of the world in general as it masks it all in a wild battle of the bones. If the trailer and its many laughs don’t reel you in, the film will also feature some original music provided by Bart Oatmeal and Mike & Keys.

The film is directed by former NBA star Baron Davis (who stars as well) off a script from Davis, Carl Reid and Pamela Azmi-Andrew. The movie stars Lou Beatty Jr., Tasie Lawrence, Megan Sousa, Anthony “Scruncho” McKinley, Godfrey, Haha Davis and Tom “Tiny” Lister Jr, alongside Dogg and David Arquette. It’ll be out later this year.

Last Updated: April 16, 2021

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