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Don't expect any more ZOMBIELAND, as Amazon sends the franchise back to the grave

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You want to really know a foolproof method to kill the undead? Don’t bother with a lawnmower strapped to your chest, shotgun blasts to the face or spending several years mastering obscure forms of limb-severing sword-fu. Rather, unleash the greatest known predator of the walking dead…the fanboy.

Zombieland was one hell of a film, and at one point, poised to be a net exclusive series with backing from web retail giant Amazon on their streaming service. The people behind the creation of the film, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick had an active hand in this version of their cult classic tale, as they wrote and directed the pilot which had popped up a month ago, following the adventures of their state-named heroes but albeit with different actors portraying them.

But Amazon has decided against financing a full series of the show, something that Reese felt was due to the fans having “hated it out of existence”. Here’s a trio of his tweets via Bloody Disgusting where he details his disappointment;




I didn’t even know that Zombieland had generated this kind of hate, beforehand. Sure, a couple of you had some doubts as to whether the film could continue in this medium, but to say that you wanted to have it double-capped in the head, set on fire and then scatter those ashes to the wind was something else entirely. In fact, the majority of you were still curious to see the final product at least. But the real bad news here though, is that such fan ire will most likely kill any chance of a Zombieland sequel movie being made.

With the pilot episode now having become poison to distributors, this spells bad times for any continuation of the franchise, and before you cite some reasonable facts about casting and Bill Murray cameos here, remember, this is Hollywood. Sanity is the very last thing that will ever prevail in this industry.

Last Updated: May 20, 2013

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