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E3 2016 – Call of Duty Infinite Warfare’s story will take place across the solar system

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Last week at E3, I wrote a preview for Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. My article detailed what I saw during my closed doors session, which included a random skirmish in Geneva, and a space battle just outside our atmosphere. If you read the article, you may remember me mentioning an interview where I touched on the latter.

Well, here it is now for your viewing pleasure. I chatted to the Infinite Warfare’s Studio Art Director, Brian Horton, who told me some pretty interesting things regarding the game’s setting, location, and much more. Check it out…

What I forgot to mention in my preview article is that Call of Duty Infinite Warfare’s campaign won’t just take place on or around Earth. I received confirmation from Brian that it’ll span our solar system. I asked whether some missions would take place on other planets, to which he replied the following:

“Yes, we’ll definitely be taking the battles to different planets. That’s a big part of the fantasy of wanting to throw us into space. But we’re not going into a lot of detail with what the missions are around those planets, but that is going to be part of the linear missions.”

Linear missions you ask? Yes, Infinite Warfare will have the usual campaign, but it’ll have other optional stuff to do too.

“We’ve created a mode where, as the captain of the Retribution, you can take on some of these ship assault missions. You can pause the story and go off into different planets to take on the ship assaults, which allows you to do free-flying jackal combat – which is our fighter-pilot style gameplay. There’s Zero-G combat, and obviously breaching into one of these ships, gathering the intel, and getting out. That loop is an innovation we’re bringing to the franchise that we’re very excited about.”

I’m definitely keen on the space battles alone. Having other objectives thrown in, such as breaching a ship to grab intel, sounds cool too.

Personally, I’m most eager to see what the multiplayer component of Infinite Warfare is going to look like. If you on the other hand, couldn’t be bothered with online play, at least there’s an explosive campaign to look forward to.

Last Updated: June 21, 2016

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