Every easter egg that you may have missed in the first episode of THE FLASH

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I quite dug the first episode of The Flash this week. Because it was fun. I had a genuine smile on my face, and I’m digging Grant Gustin in the role of the fastest man alive. There’s clearly a lot of love hidden in the first episode as well, which you may have missed out on. So strap your running shoes on and prepare to flash forward into some massive spoiler territory with us.

  • Eddie Thawn

Flash (9)

Good-looking cop with a heart of gold? Not exactly. In the comics, Thawn starts out as a solid ally of the Flash, but after becoming injured, bitter and resentful of the Flash, events lead to him becoming the Reverse-Flash known as Zoom. There’ve been several such Reverse-Flashes in the past, but the Thawne version packs more of a punch as his transformation leads directly into…


  • Flashpoint

Flash (8)

Because as the Reverse-Flash, Thawne is still operating under the idea that he’s a hero. In fact, he isn’t even concerned with taking over the world or enriching himself. He just wants to make Barry a better hero at the end of the day. The only problem with this logic, is that Thawne comes to the conclusion that Barry needs to suffer true loss, which leads to him murdering Barry’s mom and framing his father.


  • Jitters Coffee Shop

Flash (7)

Nit just a trendy name, jitters is an in-comic locale in the New 52 comics as well. I’ll take a vanilla chai latte to go please.


  • Caitlin Snow

Flash (6)

Well, Caitlin certainly has an icy demeanor. I guess you could say she needs to chill out. Maybe that would snap her out of her cold personality…She’s going to become Killer Frost, ok?


  • Gorilla Grodd

Flash (5)

If The Flash TV series features the scarlet speedster battling a super-intelligent psychic gorilla bent on world domination, this will be the greatest TV show ever made.


  • Linda Park

Flash (4)

Flash fact: In the comics, Linda Par eventually marries Barry, with Iris marrying his protege Wally West. Which basically makes the Flash the fastest Wife Swap show on TV.


  • Crisis

Flash (3)


Now here’s a big one. Barry Allen may be the man leading The Flash, but in the comics, he was actually dead for a good two decades or so. That all happened way back in 1986 during the events in Crisis On Infinite Earths where Barry sacrificed himself to stop the Anti-Monitor from destroying all of reality. Plus check his duds above! They’re looking a lot more traditional than his current get-up. And bonus points: Wayne Tech is mentioned on the front page, which means that there may be a Batman waiting to appear.

  • Ferris Air

Flash (2)

And maybe a Green Lantern as well, as Ferris Air happens to be run by Carol Ferris, on and off-again girlfriend of Hal Jordan. The man who also happens to be the space-cop in charge of Earth and its sector.


  • Gambi Cleaners

Flash (1)

And here’s a small nod to good costumes: The truck that Barry slams into happens to be owned by Gambi Cleaners, tailors to the supervillain underground.

Last Updated: October 9, 2014

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