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Everyone is afraid of the dark in this new trailer for LIGHTS OUT

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As a child I was always very afraid of the dark, but then again I don’t know who wasn’t at some stage. It’s a common phobia though, and one that David F. Sandberg’s viral short film Lights Out capitalised on back in 2013. If you’ve got three minutes and a pair of headphones, check it out here:

Hoo boy I got about 53 seconds in before I stopped watching. There’s something so visceral about the fear of the unknown, the terrible knowledge that anything could be lurking in the dark. Well, now thanks to Warner Brothers and producer James Wan (director of The Conjuring), that fear has been brought to life in all its glory as a feature length film, with Sandberg returning to direct.

When Rebecca (Teresa Palmer) left home, she thought that her childhood fears were behind her. As a young girl growing up, she was never really sure of what was real when the lights went out at night. Now, her little brother Martin (Gabriel Bateman) is experiencing the same unexplained and terrifying events that jeopardized her safety and sanity. Holding a mysterious attachment to their mother (Maria Bello), the supernatural entity has returned with a vengeance to torment the entire family.

So, yeah there’s a movie I’m probably not going to watch. I don’t do well with horror movies at the best of times, and honestly if I try and sit through that I’m going to have to sleep with the lights on for a week!

Starring Teresa Palmer, Gabriel Bateman, Maria Bello and Alexander DiPersia, Lights Out is scheduled for release on July 22 2016.

Last Updated: March 31, 2016


  1. RinceThis

    March 31, 2016 at 15:16

    Must say I am bored of these jump scare movies now.


    • Tracy Benson

      March 31, 2016 at 15:26

      Funny, I couldn’t watch the original short film it really freaked me out, but the trailer was pretty meh. I mean, I made it all the way through. So maybe the idea won’t work so well stretched into a full movie.


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