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Evolve or die in this new trailer for TRANSCENDENCE

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What is the secret to immortality? Healthy living? Quickenings? Alchemy? Or maybe the secret to a life without end lies in the digital world. That’s the idea behind Transcendence, where Johnny Depp gets forced to upload his brilliant mind after a bad case of being shot in the stomach, paving the way for his own transcendence.

And he’s bringing everyone along for the ride, whether they want to get upgraded or not.

Dr. Will Caster (Johnny Depp) is the foremost researcher in the field of Artificial Intelligence, working to create a sentient machine that combines the collective intelligence of everything ever known with the full range of human emotions. His highly controversial experiments have made him famous, but they have also made him the prime target of anti-technology extremists who will do whatever it takes to stop him. However, in their attempt to destroy Will, they inadvertently become the catalyst for him to succeed—to be a participant in his own transcendence.

For his wife Evelyn (Rebecca Hall) and best friend Max Waters (Paul Bettany), both fellow researchers, the question is not if they can…but if they should. Their worst fears are realized as Will’s thirst for knowledge evolves into a seemingly omnipresent quest for power, to what end is unknown. The only thing that is becoming terrifyingly clear is there may be no way to stop him.

Brrr, keep those wires away from me Depp. I’ve seen way too many Japanese anime films to know where this all going. Transcendence stars Johnny Depp, Paul Bettany, Rebecca Hall, Kate Mara, Morgan Freeman, Cole Hauser and Cillian Murphy. Wally Pfister directs. It’ll be logging into your brain on April 17.

Last Updated: February 12, 2014

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