Home Entertainment Extras! Chuck Norris doesn't look at an explosion, Your favourite stunt scenes, Sam Mendes wouldn't have chosen Daniel Craig as Bond, Nathan Fillion vs Robert Downey Jr and Andrew Garfield landed Spider-man role because of a cheeseburger?! Plus much more!

Extras! Chuck Norris doesn't look at an explosion, Your favourite stunt scenes, Sam Mendes wouldn't have chosen Daniel Craig as Bond, Nathan Fillion vs Robert Downey Jr and Andrew Garfield landed Spider-man role because of a cheeseburger?! Plus much more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

It’s a well know fact that cool guys don’t look at explosions. Exhibit A: Chuck Norris on the set of Expendables 2, undoubtedly the manliest movie ever made. I’m pretty sure that the Blu Ray will eventually be released nestled inside a full beard smelling of tobacco and man-sweat.

Also, I’d like to think that that car actually tried to drive over Chuck, but instead encountered a head on foot collision.

Ahead of his film debut in The Dictator, His Excellency Admiral General Aladeen has issued this official statement via his Office of Propaganda:


His Excellency Admiral General Aladeen has graciously granted his express permission for Dartz Motorz, manufacturer of ultra-luxury armored vehicles and exclusive provider to the Wadiyan government motor pool, to offer limited edition commemorative vehicles honoring the Ruthless Protector of the Precious and Expendable People of Wadiya. Like civil rights in Wadiya, this offer will not be around for long.

Named for the undemocratically and forcibly elected Leader of Wadiya, the gold Aladeen Edition armored vehicles will be revealed to the people of the world at the Top Marques Monaco show under the high patronage of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco. Top Marques Monaco, held at the Grimaldi Forum April 19 – 22, is revered as the world’s most exclusive supercar show where drivers experience firsthand the latest state-of-the-art machines on the prestigious Formula One racetrack, the Circuit de Monaco, mere weeks before the famous race takes place. A race that Aladeen has already won.

The Dartz Motorz PROMBRON (ex.RussoBaltique) vehicle comes from a long line of armored vehicles more than a hundred years in the making; it was originally built in 1912 for Russian Tzar Nikolai II. The PROMBROM was also NOT used in the accidental hit-and-run death of Wadiyan political opposition leader Maran Harouri, nor in the accidental repeated running over of the six witnesses to the hit-and-run.

Labeled the “World’s Most Expensive Armored Car,” the PROMBRON is the fastest and most maneuverable luxury armored all-road vehicle in the world. With supercar power and the technology of a spaceship, it boasts very unique protection capabilities from level B2 to B7+, providing occupants with resistance to RPGs and .50 caliber high velocity armor piercing rounds (or as Aladeen calls them, “love letters from his people.”)

Furthermore, all Dartz vehicles come equipped with patented 3” ionized glass, also RPG resistant. Each vehicle is handmade with great attention to sumptuous detail, exemplified in the exotic hand-stitched leathers and wood used in the interior, reclining massage seats, champagne bottle chillers and wine racks. And there’s room in back for up to six kidnapped actresses or faded supermodels.

Ten Aladeen Edition vehicles will be made available as part of this limited offer. MSRP ranges from $500,000 to $750,000 (USD). Actual price will vary depending on equipment and package options. (Price excludes title, taxes, registration, license fees, insurance, dealer prep and additional options.) By purchasing one of these vehicles you are also legally agreeing to have sex with Aladeen.”

Mondo, the greatest movies poster makers on the face of this planet, are once again up to their magic by releasing two new posters for The Avengers. That Black Widow one in particular is just stunning.

If you, like me, heart behind the scenes movie stuff, then boy have I found a site for you: DigiTitles is like a porn site for film geeks!

Movies.com asks What’s Your Favourite Stunt Sequence of All Time? While I have always had a spot for the car barrel roll in Man With The Golden Gun, out of the ones they propose, Jackie Chan’s Police Story definitely gets my vote.

No stunt doubles, only a single take to do it, no fancy wire works, and live electric lights. Jackie Chan had balls.

“Humbled and thrilled to have been offered a role in the next Jason Reitman movie [Labor Day]. Easily one of the best storytellers working today. Big fan.”

That’s James Van der Beek twitter speak for “Thank Thor, Jason Reitman took pity on me. I haven’t had a proper role in anything since Varsity Blues, my Dawson’s Creek money has already dried up and I’m one lame TV guest appearance away from living off cat food.”

For some strange reasons, film schools do not accept sexual favours as valid forms of payment. I found that out the hard way (herp derp). Luckily though, you have guys like FilmSchoolRejects (obviously kindred spirits) who have collected these 6 Filmmaking tips from director David Fincher to make up for my lack of formal education.

There’s a new TV spot out for Chernobyl Diaries, the new found footage film from Oren Peli, one of the guys behind Paranormal Activity. The chances of whether or not you’re excited for this is probably directly proportional to how much eye-rolling you experienced after reading the words “found footage”.

This setting will of course be sparking off huge moments of deja vu in any Call of Duty 4 gamers right about now, as yes, that is indeed Pripyat.

Speaking from the Pinewood set of James Bond’s next adventure, Skyfall director Sam Mendes has revealed that he was one of the naysayers when Daniel Craig was first cast into the role of iconic British spy:

I was one of the people who said I didn’t think he was the right casting. At the time I was asked in an interview and I said I’m not sure, I would have advised him not to do it. I was completely wrong.”

 “I bumped into him after Casino Royale and I was so excited [to see him as Bond]. To watch him go through that intense pressure of being cast as Bond with flying colours…it was great to see him come through that and prove the doubters wrong.”

There’s a new international poster out for Snow White and the Hunstman which shows Kristen Stewart sporting the same facial expression she has in every single frame of every single thing she has ever been in.

Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb spoke to Yahoo! Movies  about his journey in making the new rebooted movie, and for the most part he covers the same topics he’s done in many other interviews, but then he dropped this out of left-field anecdote. Apparently, Andrew Garfield landed the role of Peter Parker because of the way he eats a cheeseburger.

“We were doing a scene that’s not in the movie, where he was eating a cheeseburger and telling Gwen to like calm down or to — trying to put her at ease, while he is eating food.  And the way he ate this food — it was such a dumb task — such a dumb independent activity that you give to an actor to do, and he did it. [Laughs] I just felt like we were in a diner.  We were in the back of the soundstage and I felt like there’s something in the way he embodied and committed to that really tiny minutia — I just hadn’t seen before. I can’t explain exactly what I felt like it worked, but that was it.”

Nope, that’s not weird at all. Not one bit.

And today we end on what is undoubtedly going to have a large part of our audience grinning so wide that the opposite corners of their mouths may end up touching. As part of the end credits sequence of a recent episode of Castle, star Nathan Fillion decided to do some promo work for The Avengers – which is of course directed by the man to whom he owes all his geek cred, Joss Whedon – by engaging in some verbal sparring with none other than Tony Stark himself, Robert Downey Jr.

Yes, that’s right, fellow geeks. You just witnessed Captain Mal Reynolds engaging in banter with Iron Man. You may now all die happy.

And so on that geekiest of notes, we end off today. I’m still being haunted by that Eye of Sauron cake from yesterday. Oh the nightmares/fantasies I had last night…

Last Updated: April 19, 2012

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