Home Entertainment Extras! Movie 43 director responds to critics, Nick Offerman talks LEGO Movie, After doing the impossible Juan Antonio Bayona will make a sci-fi film, Tony Stark gives an arm and a leg for the action, Grand Budapest Hotel-ception and You will believe a man can make a cameo! Plus much more!

Extras! Movie 43 director responds to critics, Nick Offerman talks LEGO Movie, After doing the impossible Juan Antonio Bayona will make a sci-fi film, Tony Stark gives an arm and a leg for the action, Grand Budapest Hotel-ception and You will believe a man can make a cameo! Plus much more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

We’re kicking things off creepy today. No, this is not a photo from Darryn’s Christmas party last year, this actually a new image from rocker turned director still ugly bastard Rob Zombie’s long in production Lords of Salem. You can get a few more images, including a behind the scenes look over here.

When it comes to Wes Anderson, love him or hate him, you can’t deny that you’re probably going to… well, love him or hate him. So depending where you fall on that binary scale, this next bit of news might excite you or not. Jude Law has revealed that Anderson’s next film, Grand Budapest Hotel, in which he plays “a tiny part”, will be getting very Inceptiony.

“I play an author and there are sort of several sections. It’s about storytelling. There’s someone who plays me at an older age, and they’re recounting how they were first told a certain story, and then you cut to me being told that story, and then you cut to the story. It’s sort of layers of storytelling.”

There’s a rumour going around that we’re for a huge Superman related cameo in Man of Steel. The rumour began on the Caped Wonder Facebook group who made the following claim:

There is going to be a cameo by a classic Superman movie actor in Man of Steel.

What do I mean by ‘classic’? I mean that the actor could be anyone, alive or dead, who appeared in any (not all) of the Superman movies from 1948 to 1987 and 2006′s Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut.

Alive or dead? Way to narrow the field down there, guys! But as for who could possibly be doing this cameo, well the Superman Javi Olivares blog has a theory and it’s a doozy. (I’m rather posting the link, instead of the clip they use as evidence, as some might consider this a spoiler.)

Following on the from the first official promo pic for Kick-Ass 2 showing off the titular hero alongside Jim Carrey’s Captain Stars and Stripes, here’s a new look at Chloe Grace Moretz as the fan favourite, foul mouthed hero Hit-Girl.

While most folks can’t wait to see Moretz exact a little violence in that film, Movie 43, the gross-out, star studded ensemble sketch comedy that she currently stars in, is taking its own savage beating not just at the box office, but at the carpal tunneled hands of critics everywhere. And director Peter Farrelly (Dumb and Dumber, There’s Something About Mary, Kingpin), is not too impressed with reviewers who have declared his movie the “Citizen Kane of awful”. The director took to the twitter account he shares with his usual filmmaking partner, his brother Bobby, over the weekend to launch a verbal counterattack.

@farrellybros: “To the critics: Movie 43 is not the end of the world. It’s just a $6-million movie where we tried to do something different. Now back off.”

@farrellybros: “To the critics: You always complain that Hollywood never gives you new stuff, and then when you get it, you flip out. Lighten up.”

I don’t think anybody is ever going to accuse Ashton Kutcher of being the next Christian Bale. And I don’t just mean when it comes to acting ability. While some actors, like Bale, have famously put their body through hell for a role, Ashton Kutcher trying the same thing for jOBS proved a little too much for the young actor.

Kutcher tried to mimic the fruitarian diet of Apple founder Steve Jobs, whom he plays in the biopic, which consisted of just fruit, nuts and seeds, but ended up getting hospitalized with pancreas problems.

“First of all, the fruitarian diet can lead to, like, severe issues. I went to the hospital like two days before we started shooting the movie. I was like doubled over in pain. My pancreas levels were completely out of whack. It was really terrifying … considering everything.”

Steve Jobs, of course, passed away last year due to pancreatic cancer.

There’s a new poster out for From Up On Poppy Hill, the next film from acclaimed Japanese animation giant Studio Ghibli, and it looks exactly how you would expect a poster for a Studio Ghibli movie to look. If you were expecting the blue and orange colour schemes or lens flares a plenty, you’ve obviously come to the wrong place.

If you’re a fan of guys tossing the old pig skin, and by that I mean American Football not a euphemism for masturbation you twisted freaks, then chances are that you’ll probably be watching the Superbowl (which I’ve been told is sort of a big thing, and also not a superhero tupperware party) in the early local hours of this coming Sunday. And as happens every year, you’ll be treated to a few new movie trailers during the broadcast, namely new 30 second TV spots for World War Z, Star Trek Into Darkness, Fast and Furious 6, Oz the Great and Powerful, The Lone Ranger and Iron Man 3.

The rest of us will be sleeping snugly in our beds until we wake up at a respectable hour to watch those trailers on Youtube like normal people.

Speaking of Iron Man 3Robert Downey Jr spoke to EW about the movie, specifically spilling the details on one particularly incredible sounding action sequence, as well as elaborating on Rhodey’s (Don Cheadle) more expanded role in the threequel. You know, expanded beyond the pretty substantial role he already had in Iron Man 2.

“We’ve just been talking about one sequence. The top-secret name is the Boot/Glove Sequence, I can tell you that, just between you and me – it’s where Tony only has one gauntlet and one boot and he has to escape multiple captors.

“It’s really fun, dude. We’re taking everything from his first gauntlet test in the first movie up through the most extreme stuff we thought up for Iron Man 2 and The Avengers and pulling on all of it and making this one big, extended challenge of physics.”

“Rhodey is much more in the dead centre of things,” reveals Downey. “He’s much more dynamic. We’ve made this decision that while Tony is a technical guy, he’s not really a trained guy.

“There’s a lot of fun to be had with Don because he’s really good with hardware and he’s a martial artist, so it’s been really fun exploiting this possibility of Tony having moments like the one in Avengers, like the one with Cap where he decides, ‘Oh screw it, he probably knows what he’s doing.’ So there’s a lot of that and a lot more fun and a lot more depth to Rhodey this time around.”

The Guillermo Del Toro produced Mama has been scaring the money right out of people’s wallets at a tremendous pace, and judging from this behind the scenes, super creepy motion test for the movie’s ghost, it’s hard not to see why. If you had any plans to actually sleep tonight, they’re about to get changed.

One of Guillermo Del Toro’s proteges, former music video director Juan Antonio Bayona, may have burst onto the scene with The Orphanage, but he’s now finally getting proper mainstream acclaim with the very well received The Impossible, the harrowing story of a family caught up in the catastrophic 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, which just recently earned Naomi Watts an Oscar nomination.

But after jumping from horror to human drama, Bayona is continuing his trend of being unpredictable as he is set to helm an untitled sci-fi project for Warner Bros. Absolutely nothing is known about the film yet, except that it will be written by Eric Roth, the scribe whose pen brought us Forrest Gump, Munich and The Insider.

I think it’s safe to say that I’ll be paying careful attention to this, as more news comes out.

Parks and Recreation star Nick Offerman is not just a man with a moustache. He’s a man with a f–king awesome moustache! I’d like to believe that just the fact that Offerman and his stache has been cast in the upcoming The Lego Movie would already be enough to make it cool.  The film is being made by directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller who proved that they can make with the funny even when dealing with people real or not, when they followed up Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs with 21 Jump Street. Now they’re finding themselves back in the land of animation, and Offerman spoke to Collider about their next project, focusing on the famous children’s toy and bane of parent’s feet everywhere, as well as sharing some details on his own character.

“It’s full of hilarity, but the thing I love the most about this script is it has a really beautiful message.  As you can imagine, it’s sort of primarily aimed at kids, but it’s the kind of film that is so universal.  It’s like Willy Wonka or The Wizard of Oz where I think everyone’s just gonna love it.  The funny stuff is insanely funny, and if you just look at the cast you know that we’re in for a treat, but it has a really beautiful message that I find really touching and that’s what attracted me to it the most.”

“I believe I am playing a pirate named Metalbeard who was blown up by the bad guys and he sort of cobbled his body back together out of like random Lego piratical parts.  So he’s sort of this weird malformed pirate.”

We all love it when the hero saves the day, when the princess is actually in that castle, when the grizzled cop can walk away from the explosion all cool. But you know what really kicks us in the heart cardiac gonads? When the hero sacrifices himself to save that day! And that’s what this new supercut video shows. 43 times. You may need to break out the tissues here, because goddamn it Boromir, why did you have to die just when I was starting to like you?!

Last Updated: January 29, 2013

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