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Extras! Pompeii explodes with some new pics, Martin Scorsese wants some old friends for an Irishmen, I TV Spot, A spidery secret revealed, Rita Ora goes grey, and Harry Potter doesn't have a hunch! Plus much more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

We kick off today with the first short TV spot for Aaron Eckhart’s upcoming fantasy actioner I, Frankenstein, which perfectly explains that the title is all about the monster acknowledging who he is, and not just the Xhosa way of spelling Frankenstein.

Things are probably getting kind of steamy down in Vancouver, Canada, right now and no it has nothing to do with the vats of boiling maple syrup that I know populate every single street corner. Production on erotic adaptation Fifty Shades of Grey has officially begun in the North American city, so get out your telescopic photo lenses, perverts fans.

And along with the news of the production kickoff, comes the announcement that British singer-songwriter Rita Ora has also joined film. She will be playing Mia, “the outgoing adopted sister of billionaire Christian Grey” played by Jamie Dornan.

Somebody over at Sony seriously needs to attend the JJ Abrams School of Keeping Movie Secrets it seems. Just a little over a week ago, some leaked storyboards popped up online, seemingly giving away the secret identity of one of The Amazing Spider-Man 2‘s major characters. This morning, a newly released cast listing seemed to lend some heft to the veracity of those storyboards. But now, thanks to a much closer look at that leaked poster  (Er… I’m spotting a trend here) from last week, that secret identity has been all but confirmed. I won’t post the pic from that link here, as I don’t want to spoil it for those folks wanting to go into this movie clean, so I’ll also ask that those of you who do check it out, keep the comments spoiler-free please.

And for our second bit of Frankensteinian news for the day, we have this first look at Daniel Radcliffe as Igor in the Max “Chronicle” Landis penned Frankenstein. This will be a very different take on Mary Shelley’s classic tale, firstly due to the fact that it will be told from the perspective of Victor Von Frankenstein’s assistant, Igor, and secondly, as we can now see, Igor will now be a dashing young gentlemen fresh from starring in a Pantene ad instead of the club-footed hunchback we’ve always known.


Speaking of, Pajiba has a very true article they like to call The Frumpening, where they outline the various methods Hollywood uses to get around the problem of having movie stars play “normal looking people” when they they have movie star looks. Sorry Tinsel Town, we’re not buying the whole glasses and ponytail thing any more!

The other day on Twitter, I opined about the fact that the success of Disney’s latest animated feature Frozen has taken me completely by surprise. The main reason for my state of shock was the fact that every bit of promo material I saw told me that this would be nothing more than a DVD to put on when the kids just won’t stop bouncing off the walls unless they get distracted by a kooky snowman. There was zero hint at the film’s apparently charming story, great characterization, or, more importantly, that it was even a musical like in the traditional animated Disney movie sense and featured not just one, but two great new Disney princesses.

Variety also took notice of this and have also begun asking Why Disney’s Marketing Campaign Doesn’t Do Frozen Justice?

Here’s a trailer for a new fan-made web series that gives the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers the realistic and gritty reboot, because sure, why the hell not?

EVIL REBUILT. POWER REBORN. – As the world celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Power Rangers, a controlling paramilitary group known as The Silver Guardians has taken over the duty of protecting the citizens of Angel Grove. Claire Ashmore (Dina Cataldi) is a former top soldier of the Silver Guardians, until she unearths the plans made by the head of the organization, General E.A. Collins (John Damroth). For the first time on the other side of a conflict, Claire must stop the Silver Guardians before it is too late. She will stumble upon the help of the ancient mythological being known as Zordon, the former mentor of the Power Rangers, as she unravels the mystery and attempts to steal the Power Morphers from the Silver Guardians.

A new war has begun between the Power Rangers, The Silver Guardians and the returning Lord Zedd!

Looks like filmmakers over in Ol’ Blighty are getting, well, the blighty one when it comes to box office receipts, as according to new study only 7% of British films actually turn a profit. The figure gets even smaller in the case of lower budget affairs (films budgets under £500,000), with only 3.1% ever making back any type of money. Ouch.

Some new pics from Paul W.S. Anderson’s upcoming volcanic adventure, Pompeii, has erupted (I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist) onto the internet. The new pic gives us our first look at Jack Bauer’s Italian descendant Kiefer Sutherland apparently about to shoot somebody with his fingers, as well new shots of stars Kit “I am Jon Snow and I know nothing” Harrington and Emily “You guys remember me from Sucker Punch, right?” Browning, and Adewale “You can’t pronounce my name” Akkinuoye-Agbaje.

Martin Scorsese is a busy, busy man, with many a film project on his plate. And as is often the case in situations like this, some projects fall off said plate never to be heard from again. Seemingly, one such project was The Irishmen, a movie that Scorsese has been planning for years and which would see him reunite with some casino owning goodfellas in Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci, as well teaming up with a couple of other acting heavyweights in Al Pacino and Harvey Keitel. But now it looks like the movie is back on the cards, Scorsese just isn’t quite ready to tackle it just yet.

“Four years ago, Bobby (Robert De Niro) [came] to me with a project and I set Steve Zaillian to write the script. It’s called “The Irishman” and is based on a true story about a hitman. It is a perfect role for Bobby and hopefully we also get with Joe Pesci and Al Pacino. But that’s a minor film, almost a chamber play.

…but it will not be my next movie. First, I’ll make “Silence” . It’s a project I’ve wanted to do for many years, but it’s only now I’ve gotten together the budget. “The Irishman” comes after “Silence”.”

That interview has been translated from Swedish so I’m going to guess that by “chamber play” (thanks Google) he actually means a more self contained, smaller scoped story. I’m not quite sure how that will play out though based on the fact the film is about a rabble-rouser WWII veteran who became a high-ranking official in the International Brotherhood of teamsters, got involved in organized crime, became a hitman, and is tied to the deaths of both John F Kennedy and Jimmy Hoffa. That definitely doesn’t sound like a “chamber play” to me.

Sometimes, no matter how talented an actor/actress or even how nice of a person you are in real life, people will simply be mean to you on the internet. And sometimes, you get to then tell the whole world just how dickish these people are. Not that they would feel bad, since they’re dicks.

If you have anything you would like to contribute to Extras, whether it be interesting stories, funny videos, or artistic photos of yourself in morally questionable poses, feel free to drop a mail to kervyn@themovies.co.za.

Last Updated: December 3, 2013

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