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Extras! Sharknado strikes again, Now you see a sequel, Max Landis talks his Chronicle 2 script, Mary Jane gets a special, and Hollywood made more money than you think! Plus much more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

The names Tom Hiddleston, Patrick Stewart, Jeremy Irons, Ben Wishaw and Sam Mendes are usually emblazoned across the posters of massive Hollywood blockbusters, but as Joss Whedon proved with his Much Ado About Nothing, sometimes these big name movie folk like to go back to their thespian roots and slum it with the Bard. Actually slumming it may have described Whedon’s minimalist take on Shakespeare but it is completely the wrong term for the The Hollow Crown. No, this deserves nothing more than that most frequently used of adjectives lately: Epic. The BBC production will see the four acclaimed actors play the prominent roles in four Shakespearean plays – “Richard II,” “Henry IV Part 1″ and “Part 2,” and “Henry V” – in a massive 500-minutes long affair produced by Mendes.

You can check out the slightly less epic trailer below.

Kirsten Dunst just can’t seem to get away from those teenage boys with the special powers. The erstwhile Spider-Man crush has joined Jeff  “Mud” Nichols’ Midnight Special, which tells the tale of a father and his 8-year old son who go on the run, when the dad discovers that his boy is developing special abilities. Michael Shannon and Joel Edgerton have already been cast previously.

And now for something completely different… Most of you really enjoyed The Avengers, but now you can really enjoy The Avengers, if you know what I mean, thanks to these Avengers themed vibrators. No, you didn’t read that wrong, and no this is probably not official. Disney generally doesn’t make sex toys.

I have to admit, the creators show great insight by having the Hawkeye one be able to hit two targets at the same time.

(Disclaimer: I received that link from Darryn. I have no idea where he got it from, nor do I want to)

Following on from last week’s clip for Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (or as I like to call it: Exhibit J in The Case of Lena Headey is a Badass) we’ve got a new clip courtesy of Collider. Well, half a new clip, as the first half of this one overlaps with the last clip we saw.

So you may have heard about how Americans just aren’t smart enough for original sci-fi movies, and apparently the rest of us also just want sunny happy-go-lucky movies. Max Landis took to twitter over the weekend (compiled by FirstShowing) to give out details on his script for Chronicle 2, which the studios apparently liked, but turned down for being too dark.

“In retrospect, I’m not even sure if fans of the first film would’ve been ready or eager for my second installment [of Chronicle] as originally written. Gone was the aspirational “what would you do,” gone were the pranks and bromance, gone were lovely tragic Andrew and hopeful, bright Steve. In their place was a dark, frustratingly unblinking stare into a complicated world that posed the question is it worth it to be a hero…

…Told from the point of view of a heartbroken and insane woman who would martyr herself to the cause of being the world’s first villain. It was, in my estimation, a sequel that elaborated on the ideas and situations from the first to create a different genre of movie. In the best of worlds, in my optimisitc [sic] but wildly prejudiced eyes, this could make it an Aliens, a Terminator 2…in the worst a Grease 2. So at the end of the day, maybe it’s better that Martyr never saw the light of day. Sad I didn’t get to do some of my other versions.”

The big Hollywood story this year has undoubtedly been all about the failure of the US Box Office thanks to big budget tentpole movies like The Lone Ranger, White House Down, R.I.P.D. and Pacific Rim falling short. That story is also also a load of codswallop. Despite all the naysaying and doom mongering, it actually turns out that 2013 is set to be the biggest US Summer Box Office in history thanks to the efforts of Tony Stark, some minions and inflation.

It seems that despite me – and most film reviewers – finding Now You See Me to be a waste of talent and potential, people are still turning out in droves to see it (You hear that Lone Ranger? See, we don’t have any nefarious powers!). So much so that the $75 million production has already brought in $275 million at the box office. And of course you know what that means… Yep, a sequel to the magical movie has been greenlit to start production in 2014.

People are just now finishing calculations on just how long that runway was in Fast & Furious 6, but work is apparently already going strong on it’s follow-up. So much so, that there’s apparently already a teaser poster out for Fast & Furious 7, as can be glimpsed in this pic that director James Wan tweeted of himself and star Tyrese Gibson after one of the film’s production meetings.

“Last night’s production meeting went for about 6 hours. From 7pm to 1am. #epic

Tyrese and I peace-ing out at the production office.”


Ty Burrell is a funny man, and in Muppets Most Wanted he plays a funny, mustachioed French lawman, which contrary to belief, is not actually an accurate description of all French lawmen. It is however very reminiscent of The Pink Panther‘s famed Inspector Clouseau, something that Burrell is fully aware of and tried to avoid copying.

“It was very hard to resist the Clouseau, I must admit. You always want the running joke about no-one being able to understand him, but luckily we didn’t just completely rip off that character.”

Burrell also revealed that he’s been a fan of the Muppets since a young age, which – in my opinion – is exactly how it should be for everyone.

“It was such a warm part of the week in my household when I was young, so when this came along, I was extremely excited and had a hard time believing it. Let’s face it, it’s tough to find someone who isn’t a Muppet fan, something I’m learning more and more. Everyone seems really excited about there being another movie.”

While Disney may have had nothing to show for Star Wars at D23, Brad Bird and Damon Lindelof certainly had a lot to show about their upcoming flick Tomorrowland. A whole box full, in fact. The pair took to the stage with the infamous “mystery box” that they had found in the basement of Disneyland which supposedly inspired the movie, and began pulling out various objects from it. AICN’s Quint was on-hand to document it all, so feel free to scope it all out and see if you can figure it all out.

There are many criticism you can level against Pacific Rim – you would be completely wrong to do so, but you can still do it – but none of them would be that the film doesn’t look good. In fact, it’s arguably the best looking film of the year, and definitely the best looking film ever where a giant robot elbow drops a giant monster’s skull. And all of that eye-candy started with some really cool concept art, all of which the helpful folks over at Forever Geek have assembled for us. Here’s a sneak peek, which you can click to enlarge.



Earlier this year Fast & Furious 6 completely owned the box-office, leaving all the competition to sniff its physics defying exhaust fumes. But did you know that there was a chance that we almost didn’t get this far? See, after the rather lukewarm reception that Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift received, Universal were planning to just do straight-to-DVD sequels starring B-grade talent who probably couldn’t find work in soap operas, but luckily that fate was averted much to the joy of the ever larger bank balances of all involved. And it wasn’t the only recent film that narrowly avoided a destiny of fighting for shelf space with the latest Van Damme jaunt, and you can check them out on Pajiba’s list of 10 Critical and Box-Office Hits That Almost Went Straight to DVD.

The people have spoken and after a whopping 5 000 Twitter entries, it’s official: The title of the sequel to social media sensation Sharknado will be Sharknado: The Second One. And it’s at this point where most people who have the first film ask “They’re making a sequel?!”

Filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro and Ron Perlman have collaborated a couple of times over the years and have become quite good friends. But what if the pair shared an apartment? And spoke about flip-up sunglasses? And were made of clay? These and other important questions are answered in this funny stop-motion short film.

Last Updated: August 13, 2013

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