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Feel the intensity of Top Gun: Maverick’s use of authentic fighter jets in this new behind the scenes video

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There is no doubt that CGI has changed the movie-making world and allowed filmmakers to imagine things that are just not possible with practical effects. However, if there is ever a chance to make use of practical effects, they will inevitably trump what is possible with CGI, especially with their natural intensity and overall realism. Like what we saw recently in a clip from Christopher Nolan’s upcoming Tenet where they actually blew up a plane and were able to get footage that CGI just would not have been able to do as effectively.

And now we have another example of how doing something practically is so much better than CGI. This time from none other than the walking special effect himself, Tom Cruise. Or at least the upcoming movie he is starring in, Top Gun: Maverick. In the film, he and the rest of the main cast were prepared to put their lives on the line to pull off many of the film’s insane flying scenes. Something which can be backed up by this behind the scenes footage from the sequel:

Now, it may not be Tom Cruise actually flying that jet so close to the ground, but it does give you a sense of how real they wanted to make many of those scenes and the lengths that director Joseph Kosinski needed to go through to capture many of those shots. Something which should lead to some rather breath-taking onscreen action and several brown pants from the on-set film crew.

I love how CGI has evolved and become so realistic, altering the landscape of movie-making, but it has to be said there is an incredible thrill in seeing stunts like this shot on a practical level where the margin for error is high and the stakes even higher. That adrenaline rush only adds to the authenticity of the movie and can bring that same rush to audiences too. I’m not a big fan of most 4D movie experiences, but if they could make chairs that made you move with those planes and feel their speed, I would happily depart with several hundred of my Rands to watch this film in one of those contraptions.

Last Updated: June 11, 2020

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