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F%$#ing Chelios! Yup, we may get a CRANK 3!

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I know Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor have as many detractors as fans. Certainly Gamer didn’t help a lot and I am arguably the only moviegoer on this planet who enjoyed the second Ghost Rider.

Their kinetic, hap-hazard style of movies can be jarring. But it worked flawlessly in two instances: Crank and its insane sequel Crank: High Voltage. Crank was crazy, but High Voltage just decided to blow everything up. That’s what you get when you make a sequel to a movie in which the lead technically died.

The very idea of a third Crank movie, thus, is ludicrous. How can you top High Voltage when the first film already went off the rails? I have no idea, but I damn well want them to try. And it appears they might.

In an interview Neveldine said that everyone is game for another sequel:

We’re definitely gonna do solo films. But we have an approved treatment for Crank 3 and we’re super-excited about it. I know we’ve talked about it in the past, but we had lunch with Jason [Statham], we had lunch with Lakeshore. Everybody wants to do it, it’s just now about all the stars aligning. Brian and I have a couple things that we’d really like to do as a team, and there are projects that really make sense that way. But also everybody thinks we’re just one person. We’re actually two guys with families and kids now, and we have things that we want to do solo and we’re very supportive of each other doing that. But we want to do Crank 3.

Talks around a third film have been doing the rounds for several years, so this may just be more of that. Or maybe they are serious. It’s good to know Jason Statham is onboard – nobody else could play Chelios.

There is one issue: High Voltage was largely a parody of the first film. They won’t be able to turn that trick again. Yet at the same time some of the past ideas, like Chelios going after Bin Laden, are the wrong direction. Chelios is not an anti-hero. He’s not a bad guy doing good. He’s just a complete maniac who will stop at nothing to get what is his.

Give us more of that. Chelios the good guy? Not interesting. Chelios is the kinda guy who would hit the nuke launch button. He makes Machete look like an upstanding member of society. Hopefully Crank 3 does not forget this.

In other news, the duo also would like to remake the cult classic The Warriors. But as the /Film article points out, that’s stuck in copyright hell at the moment.

Last Updated: July 23, 2015


  1. Kromas,powered by windows 10.

    July 23, 2015 at 14:54

    I am already having withdrawal symptoms!


  2. Kervyn Cloete

    July 23, 2015 at 15:25

    As much as I badmouth Ghost Rider 2 at every turn, Crank was a shit load of fun!


  3. Aries

    July 23, 2015 at 16:25

    These movies were pure bliss, dont know how they can top high voltage though


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