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First look at Jason David Frank as Valiant’s BLOODSHOT 

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If you thought that last week’s reveal of Valiant Entertainment’s Ninjak looked cool with its spot on page to screen translation, then wait until you get a load of Jason David Frank as Bloodshot. Frank – who you might recognize as the Green Power Ranger from way back in the day – will star in the Ninjak live-action web series as the nano-powered unstoppable killing machine with conflicting memories of who he is, and it appears that the series has nailed the comic book character’s look perfectly!


The pic above (courtesy of ComicBook.com) is actually the variant cover for the upcoming Bloodshot #14, which will be available for free at this coming weekend’s New York Comic Con. Valiant is scheduled to have a panel on the con on Saturday, 8 October, when they are supposed to be debuting the web series, which is being co-produced by Bat In the Sun. On top of Ninjak it’s expected that Valiant will also be revealing the details of their recently changed cinematic universe plans, which will now see Harbinger be the first movie in their lineup, in which Bloodshot is set to be the main villain before getting a movie of his own which will then lead to the Harbinger War crossover.

It’s still uncertain at this point if Frank and David Rowe (who plays Ninjak) will be reprising their roles in the movies as well. Frank’s Bloodshot certainly looks to be big budget movie quality, so he could definitely make that jump. Ninjak is supposed to feature many more of Valiant’s characters, and we’ll probably get to see them this weekend coming.

Last Updated: October 3, 2016

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