Follow the tracks and win big with Critical Hit and Gautrain at the Pretoria Zoo this December

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It’s December, school is out and there’s a silly season ahead of you. Now sure, you could stay indoors and fall into a bad habit of junk food and lazing about the house, or you could do something really fun this year. You could put on your safari clothes, charge your camera and go experience an entire continent of wildlife, in one convenient location!

This year, Critical Hit is doing exactly that. We’ve teamed up with the fantastic folks at the Gautrain, who’ve partnered with the National Zoological Garden, to combine our love of video games with their passion for nature. We’re not just talking a few stands either. We’ve roped in our awesome friends at Megarom, Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox to bring their A-game to the zoo, as the latest and best games currently available will be shown off and playable for fans young and old. Want to introduce your parents to some 4K racing action or do crave to see innovative interactive storytelling through the eyes of iconic heroes? We’ve got you covered.

And that’s merely the beginning of what we have planned for an amazing two weeks of fun. If you happen to be looking for pocket monsters, we’ll also have a Pokémon Go meet-up on 22 December 2018, spectacular competitions and a chance to even win the most powerful video game console on the market today, the Xbox One X.

Now normally, gaining entrance to the Pretoria Zoo will cost you R110 per adult, as well as another R75 per child. Thanks to the good sports at Gauteng’s signature railway service Gautrain, there’s a better deal available for anyone wanting to attend. By taking the Gautrain and bus to the Pretoria National Zoological Garden, your entrance will be free. Which means that not only won’t you have to worry about your vehicle, but you’ll be able to arrive in style as well.

And we’re still not done yet. If you need to put your feet up for some well-deserved pampering, the Bakwena Day Spa is also offering discounted rates for weary travellers, while the drinks, food and crafts market will have plenty of delectable treats available that can satiate any hunger. Experience all of this and even more from December 14 – 28. Video games! Animals! Good food! And sensational prizes just waiting to be snapped up! What more could you ask for?

We’ll see you there.

(An earlier version of this post said “rare and exclusive” pocket monsters suggesting that the event was endorsed by, and would have rare catches enabled by Niantic. We regret to inform that this is not the case)

Last Updated: December 12, 2018

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