Friday Fight Club – Drac pack attack!

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We’ve seen cops, swordsmen and villains duke it so far, but now, we’re leaving the ring to the greatest threat to humanity, since Justin Bieber released a second album.

We’re talking Dracula, that nosferatu with a taste for the crimson wine. And we’re pitting two of his deadliest incarnations against each other, in Friday Fight Club today!

Dracula (Blade 3)

Look at this guy. He’s all business. He’s the Sumerian daddy of a whole race of bloodsuckers, a centuries old warrior who can easily handle a little UV love while bringing a sword down on your neck.

The man/beast/nightmare is a walking weapon, boasting skin that doesn’t twinkle, a face that came from your nightmares and a strength that even the greatest vampire hunter alive couldn’t beat him in a one on one slobber-knocker of a match.

Less supernatural, all badass, this is the Dracula that will remind you why vacationing in Transylvania is always a bad idea.


Dracula (Bram Stoker’s Dracula) 

The greatest evil to walk the face of the earth does not do so in man-cleavage revealing shirts and hipster beads, nor does he get beaten up in a fist fight by some Michael Jackson music video extra.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula is a cruel, twisted and unpredictable monster who spat in the face of God and cackled about it afterwards. Sunlight? Pfft, he’ll barely catch a tan in his demonic pimp outfit. And he’ll leave the whole “honour your enemies” garbage for the other Sesame Street Counts. To him, everybody is a slave to bend to his malicious will.

And while some cheap knockoffs need to roid-rage their way through a fight, the true Dracula will make your life a living hell, by simply assuming the form of just about any nightmare-borne creature you can dream up; from bat-monsters, to werewolves to even a lecherous old man! Because honestly, what else could be creepier?



Last Updated: June 29, 2012

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