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Genndy Tartakovsky is going to be eating spinnacks for a POPEYE film

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Huk huk huk! Avast ye landslubbers, cus ol’ Popeye be making yeks another retoins, this time wit de help of his ol’ pal, Gendy Tartakovskis huk huk huk huk!

Woo, that’s the last time that I take a puff from Popeye’s pipe. That tobacco is wacko indeed.

The genius behind such animated properties such as Dexters Lab, Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the upcoming Hotel Transylvania must obviously be in the good books with Sony Animation, as the company has tapped Tartakovsky to begin work on a 3D animated film of the spinach-obssessed sailor, once he wraps on his current work.

The Samurai Jack-action director will be joined by The Smurfs David Ronn and Jay Scherik for script-writing duties, a job that that duo have been working on since last year.

It looks like Hotel Transylvania is going to be a solid film then, judging by this re-hiring for Tartakovsky, a move which has Avi Arad excited:

Popeye has been my childhood favorite character. To me he was always the everyday man who gets special powers and actually becomes the first superhero in the best meaning of the word.

When Scott Sassa called, Ari and I were beyond excited to be working with Jay Scherick & David Ronn and Sony Pictures Animation to bring this iconic character to the big screen in glorious stereoscopic 3D.

We enjoy working with the Sony Pictures Animation team and with Rocky and company from Hearst Publishing. I cannot wait to go sailing!

Popeye happens to be one of my favourite, under-utilised characters, who just never gets to receive the decent film that he’s owed. But with Tartakovsky on board, things look promising indeed.

And hopefully he’ll spin it towards something like this in the process.

While a new, animated Popeye film was initially intriguing, the addition of Tartakovsky helps that exponentially. Would you agree?

Last Updated: June 26, 2012

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