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Get ready to lose face, as a Cabin Fever prequel is on the way

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I don’t know about you guys, but there are far too few horror films on the market today that deal with flesh-eating virus outbreaks. Cabin Fever was one of those movies that explored the topic and scratched that necrotic itch, but after a lacklustre sequel, the franchise rotted away.

Well now, it seems that the face-rotting idea is getting a revival, in the form of Cabin Fever: Patient Zero

Kaare Andrews, former comic book artist and now director is in negotiations to helm the prequel film, which will be made in the US and Dominican Republic while distributor Indomnia Group also finances the project.

Telling the origins of the flesh-eating virus, the new film starts when a cruise ship runs aground a research island that unleashes the disease, with the passengers on board having to find a way to survive before infection sets in.

Jake Wade Wall, who recently wrote a script for the remake of The Hitcher, is handling scripting duties for the film.

Original Cabin Fever producerEvan Astrowsky and his Hypotenuse Pictures will co-produce the film with Indomnia, while CEO Jasbinder Singh Mann executive produces.

Last Updated: February 15, 2012

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