Get your mech on with these new ELYSIUM photos

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So, after months of waiting, and with the complete film getting pushed back to a better time for Sony to make ka-ching onomatopeiah, the trailer for Neil “Blerry prawns” Blomkamp’s Elysium finally found itself a decent release window to begin teasing us with. And you know what? I like what I see.

Sure, it’s only a trailer, but holy hell, it looks beautiful so far. A rock solid cast that includes MATT DAMON, Jodie Foster and Murdock himself, Sharlto Copley can’t be bad either, so if you don’t happen to dig seeing moving images, here’s a few static ones to tickle your exoskeleton.

Thanks to Coming Soon for the pics, we now get a chance to see Damon flex that mech and rock a mean-looking gun. Elysium is out in August, and is set on a future Earth where the one-percenters have decided to give the rest of humanity the finger and go build themselves a super-awesome retreat ring world above the planet.

And following on Kervyn’s suggestion about Blomkamp doing a Mass Effect movie, let’s rather get him a gig directing one of the other Star Wars movies instead.

Last Updated: April 11, 2013

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